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Meet our Trainers

C3 Consulting draws upon a large network of highly qualified intercultural trainers, coaches, and country specialists.

When we design your training programme, the first step is to help you clarify your needs and training objectives. On this basis, we select the trainer or team of trainers that best match your project.

Meet a selection of our most frequently used trainers below. If you search in vain for a specialist on the specific culture, country or field that you need training on – then contact us for info on who we usually work with.

Annette Dahl, CEO, Chief Consultant and Intercultural Trainer, China Country Specialist

Annette Dahl
CEO, Chief Consultant and Intercultural Trainer, China Country Specialist

Annette launched C3 Consulting in 2006 as an independent China expert – and in just a few years, C3 became a recognized provider of a wide range of intercultural training programmes.

Today, Annette divides her time between the day-to-day management of the business and delivering intercultural training. She develops the C3 training concept and teaches it to the growing number of trainers and country specialists. In addition, she facilitates cultural awareness workshops, develops global managers and teams, trains in Danish and Chinese culture, coaches top management and helps employees and families prepare for relocation.

With an MA in Chinese, culture and communication, Annette speaks Mandarin Chinese and has regularly lived and worked in China since she first visited the country in 1995. Annette pioneered the transformation of China research into hands-on cultural training, and is one of Denmark’s leading experts in Chinese business culture.

Annette has delivered intercultural training for a wide range of organizations from very different sectors – for example Grundfos, Siemens, Coloplast, J. Lauritzen, DTU and the Danish Embassy in Beijing. She is a process consultant, a trained EQ/SQ manager, and she continuously develops her training competencies – she has most recently completed a course in H NLP coaching.

Annette’s eager curiosity and direct style means that she’s good at connecting with people – whether it’s a chief executive or an eight-year-old girl moving to China with her family. Intense presence, precise communication and infectious enthusiasm are just some of the ways to describe Annette.

Besides working at C3, Annette volunteers for the Association New Dane’s body of business mentors and sits on a number of educational advisory boards that specialize in culture and globalization. To relax, she likes to take on the climbing wall at her local club where she is now a certified climbing instructor.


M (DK): +45 6017 0817
E: ad(at)c3consulting.dk 

Anne Katrine Skovenborg, Communication and Administration Manager at C3 Consulting

Anne Katrine Skovenborg
Communication and Administration Manager   

Since 2009, Anne Katrine has been the administrative and communicative backbone of C3 Consulting.

Anne Katrine holds an MA in Chinese and History, an Exam.art. in Anthropology, and is a qualified process consultant. Her two key passions are intercultural collaboration and marketing and communications. She has worked as speaker and instructor within both Danish and Chinese language and culture and has lived, studied and worked in Japan and China. In addition, she has served as international coordinator in the education industry, focusing on web, international marketing, recruitment and counseling of international students in Denmark.

Anne Katrine loves to make things happen, to solve problems, and to make work processes easier and more pleasant. She wears many professional hats in C3, where responsibilities include communications, web, marketing, product development, quality assurance, research, recruiting and administration.

Whatever the task, the driving force is always to ensure that clients and partners get the best possible experience with C3 Consulting.

When Anne Katrine is not working for C3, traveling, hiking, and international cooking are among the favorite activities.


M (DK): +45 2126 7788
E: aks(at)c3consulting.dk 

Jan Vælds, Specialist in Global Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Jan Vælds
Specialist in Global Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Jan is among the most experienced coaches in Denmark. He has lived in Denmark and the US, worked as a leader in Danish and global companies and having acted as a coach and consultant for leaders in more than 20 countries, he has extensive global experience.

Jan has an MA in engineering, an HD in international business and is an international certified coach. He is behind several leadership development programmes, concepts and training systems, and he is among the pioneers in the development of emotional and social intelligence (EQ & SQ).

For C3, Jan is responsible for EQ/SQ global leadership development programmes in and outside of Denmark, where participants benefit from his ability to connect with people combined with his personal experience with leadership and coaching of leaders at all levels.

Hanne Boutrup, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Danish Culture and Global Team Specialist

Hanne Boutrup
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Danish Culture and Global Team Specialist

Hanne has worked internationally since 1993 – including as Communication’s Director for the LEGO Group – and has experience from more than 56 countries across Europe, Asia, and the US.

Originally a primary school teacher, Hanne has later received leadership training from Center for Creative Leadership (Colorado USA), has been certified within industrial psychology and is also LEGO Serious Play Facilitator.

Since 2004, Hanne has run her own consultancy specializing in workshops and seminars that inspire, motivate, and involve the participants.

In private, Hanne loves to exercise, including golf, tennis, running and swimming. She brings this energy with her into C3, when she delivers training in Danish culture, general cultural awareness and global team development. Hanne manages to be professional and entertaining at the same time, and due to her comprehensive global experience, working with large groups of many different nationalities is one of her key competencies.

Bente Kjems Dyring, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Singapore, China, and Global Team Specialist

Bente Kjems Dyring 
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Singapore, China, Denmark, and Global Team Specialist

Bente has worked with global leadership, team and organizational development since 2001 – for Danfoss, among others – and today she is a self-employed consultant. With an MA in Chinese and as an expat in Singapore for 3,5 years, Bente has both theoretical and hands-on experience with Chinese culture, which she is happy to share with participants in our cross-cultural workshops on Singapore and China. In addition, Bente has extensive experience training internationals in Danish language and culture.

Bente also delivers global leadership and team development training and is certified in a number of development tools that can be included in the training, e.g. Jungian Type Index and E-DISC.

Bente is passionate about facilitating change, and with her empathy and commitment she always manages to meet the individual leader, employee or expat family exactly where they are.

Lene Rindom, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Specialist in Expat Training for Kids and Young People

Lene Rindom
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Specialist in Expat Training for Kids and Young People

Lene’s core competence is preparing children and young people moving abroad with their parents for life in the new country. Since 2000, she has developed a number of training programmes aimed at kids and teens between 5 and 18 years, and she has prepared families for relocating to countries all over the world.

As an expert in her field, she has contributed to various publications on how to best handle relocating as a family.

Lene started her career working 15 years as a residential school teacher. Since then, she has worked and travelled in more than 25 countries and currently lives with her American husband in Denmark.

At C3, Lene also carries out training aimed at children and young people – a training that inspires as much enthusiasm among the children as among their parents! Lene excels in creating a relaxed atmosphere where the children / young people can safely discuss any concerns they may have. At the same time, they get plenty of practical tools and leave the training ready for the new adventure.

Terry Dunne, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, USA Country Specialist

Terry Dunne
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, USA Country Specialist 

Terry was born and raised in the US and has since then lived and worked for longer periods in France, Taiwan and Denmark. He has worked with global business development, marketing management and sales management for more than 20 years, including as GM for LEGO’s subsidiary in Taiwan.

Terry has rich experience in developing workshops and learning processes, and has from his time at LEGO Learning Institute developed an expertise in play, learning and creativity.

Since 2004, Terry has been an independent consultant, where he cooperates with a wide-ranging network of business partners in Denmark, England and the US. In addition, Terry is C3’s USA country specialist – and drawing on his personal management and expat experiences, his American cultural training is always spot-on for the management team as well as for the family relocating to the US.

Sharjeel Antoine Moutier, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Specialist on India, Middle East Gulf Region and North Africa

Sharjeel Antoine Moutier
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Specialist on Middle East Gulf Region, North Africa, and India

Sharjeel is French, of Indian origin, grew up in Saudi Arabia, and speaks both French and English fluently. Having lived and worked in more than 10 countries spread across 4 continents, he is a truly multicultural individual.

Sharjeel runs his own cross-cultural management consultancy where he, among others, provides services within Global leadership, Managing global teams, Virtual team building, and Managing international joint ventures & projects. Since 2003, he has been coaching, advising and training senior management from over 150 nationalities in more than 35 countries.

Sharjeel is certified in number of psychometric tools like MBTI, FIRO-B and Hogan Assessments.

Based in Dubai and Paris, Sharjeel spends much of his time working between Europe, the Middle East and Asia. At C3, our clients benefit from Sharjeel’s huge knowledge and warm and welcoming presence when he delivers coaching and training on India and various Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Vijay Jain, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, India Country Specialist

Vijay Jain 
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, India Country Specialist

Vijay was born and raised in India and has lived in Canada, Austria, Germany and Denmark, the latter since 1972. He has a Danish wife and two children, and he is fluent in Danish, English, German and Hindi.

Vijay holds several diplomas and degrees, including an MBA. He previously owned his own trade and production company in India, and today, in addition to providing advice for other businesses, he runs an outsourcing company in India for, among others, German clients. Vijay has delivered training and consulting to Danish and international companies in Denmark as well ad India, and his experience with cultural training includes some of the largest Danish organizations such as Danida and Danish Industry.

In C3, Vijay facilitates workshops on Indian culture. His personal affiliation, professional experience and many illustrative anecdotes about India make Vijay a charismatic communicator, who is always popular with the workshop participants.

Dorthe Serles, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Brazil Country Specialist

Dorthe Serles
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Brazil Country Specialist

Dorthe lost her heart to Brazil back in 1995 and has lived in the country for 3 years, among others working as an export consultant at the Danish Consulate General in São Paulo.

With an MSc in International Business, Dorthe has worked to promote Danish-Brazilian business relations since 2000, and she speaks Portuguese fluently. Today she is an independent consultant, supporting business development between Danish and Brazilian companies.

Dorthe has previously taught Brazilian dance – and the participants on C3’s Brazilian culture workshops also know Dorthe as a passionate lecturer, who sets the mood with Brazilian music.

Helena Drewes, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Russia Country Specialist

Helena Drewes
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Russia Country Specialist

Helena was born by Danish parents stationed in the US. She first visited Russia back in 1995 and since then she has  lived and worked in the country for many years – in Taskhent, Veliky Novgorod and Moscow. As a retail manager for Bianco Footwear in Moscow, Helena opened 6 shoe stores and maintained the day to day management of 25 Russian employees.

Helena has a degree in human ecology and today she works as an independent consultant within organic farming and food, dividing her time between Denmark and Russia.

At C3, Helena draws on her extensive personal experience with Russia and expat life when she provides training for larger groups as well as individual employees and families relocating to Russia.

Moreover, Helena is a board member of the Danish Business Club in Moscow and the author of a blog about everyday life in today's Russia, spiced up with delicious recipes – and she also loves to travel and sing!

Pernille Højgaard Chaggar, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, East and West Africa Specialist

Pernille Højgaard Chaggar
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, East and West Africa Specialist

Pernille grew up in West Africa and has a Master of Science degree in International Human Resource Management and Development from University of Manchester, UK. Since 1981, she has travelled, lived and worked in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe and has experience up to management level from some of the world’s leading companies in the communication and international tourism sectors.

In 2010, Pernille decided to pursue her passion for working with cultural diversity: She started her own consultancy, where she now –  based in both Denmark and Kenya – provides services such as intercultural training, coaching, and cross-cultural conflict mediation to Danish as well as African clients.

Pernille was certified as Lecturer of Intercultural Management by the Hofstede Centre, Netherlands, in 2013.

At C3 Consulting, Pernille provides cultural training for both groups and expats with a focus on different East and West African countries – e.g. Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

Lena Hørlyk Petersen, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, China Country Specialist

Lena Hørlyk Petersen
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, China Country Specialist

Lena has more than twenty years of experience in mature industries undergoing transformations as well as young and fast growing industries. As a business-oriented project manager she has profound experience with cross-cultural communication and project management in global organisations, where she has led teams to successfully implement new business concepts, brands, business models and products.

With her process-oriented approach and strong communication and analytical skills, Lena has enabled leaders, management teams and organisations to implement strategies and develop leadership and communication. She has a passion for helping people and organisations unfold their potential and reach their goals, and during her career she has coached people and teams to identify, pursue and achieve their personal as well as professional goals.

Since 2008, Lena has been living and working in Beijing, China, focusing on helping companies develop their organizations and leadership to grow a successful and sustainable business; at C3 Consulting, she conducts cultural awareness workshops, global leadership development, coaching and cultural training.

Ann Langwadt, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, South Africa Country Specialist

Ann Langwadt
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, South Africa Country Specialist

Ann has travelled, studied and worked in South Africa since 1987 and considers the country her second home. She frequently travels to South Africa and has a large personal and work-related network in the country.

Ann has an MA in English with a minor in South African studies and received her BA in South African Studies at the University of Cape Town, where she was one of the first Danish students.

South Africa has been the focus of Ann’s entire career: She has, among others, taught at several universities, provided advice on South Africa, worked as an expert on South Africa for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), managed projects in collaboration with South African partners and prepared employees for relocation to the country.

Ann speaks English fluently and has a good understanding of the South African languages Afrikaans and IsiXhosa.

At C3 Consulting, Ann trains groups as well as expats in South African culture, and with her professionalism, extensive knowledge and relaxed manner, she always creates the perfect learning environments.

Ethan Weisgard, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Japan Country Specialist

Ethan Weisgard
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Japan Country Specialist

Ethan was born and raised in the US, but moved to Denmark in 1969. Since 1984, he has lived in and travelled through Japan, and after his first visit he started studying Japanese. Today he has a Japanese wife, excels in the Japanese language, is an expert on Japanese business culture and etiquette, and has extensive experience with Japanese cultural training for Danish businesses.

The participants on the workshops Ethan facilitate for C3 Consulting know him as a kind and involved communicator, who is able to create a relaxed atmosphere and transform his comprehensive knowledge of Japan into practical advice.

Ethan has a background as a professional drummer and still plays in several bands. Moreover, Ethan runs his own dojo – Copenhagen Aiki Shuren Dojo – where he trains the Japanese martial arts Aikido, in which he has the black belt.

Steve L. Muhs, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Country Specialist on Malaysia and Canada

Steve L. Muhs
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Country Specialist on Malaysia and Canada

For the last 10+ years, Steve has been working within all areas of teaching and training in Malaysia, including the education and corporate sectors.

Steve has personal experience of adapting to a new cultural setting: He lived in Canada, working with regulatory compliance and education in a brokerage house, until he in 2002 decided to pursue his passion to teach and moved to Malaysia.

Since 2011, Steve has been the managing director and lead trainer of his own company offering, among others, cross-cultural training for relocation, global communication skills training, and executive coaching. He has trained people from over 30 different countries and has worked with organizations from a variety of industries.

For C3 Consulting Steve provides cross-cultural training for expats moving to Malaysia or Canada, and we know him as an enthusiastic and dedicated trainer, who always manages to engage and involve the training participants.

Dániel Gergely Szabó, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Hungary Country Specialist

Dániel Gergely Szabó
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Hungary Country Specialist

Dániel was born and raised in Hungary. He studied law and political sciences in Budapest and later became a trainee lawyer at Holczer, Jákó & Boross Solicitors, where his tasks included managing client relations and relations with the relevant authorities.

In 2006, Dániel moved to Denmark to continue his studies. Here he earned an MA in European Studies and an MSc in European Business and Law, and in 2013 he finished his PhD on CSR reporting in Europe. Since then, he has conducted research within sustainable international trade and renewable energy law, dividing his time between Aarhus University in Denmark and UC Berkeley in the U.S.

Dániel has delivered Hungarian culture training for C3 Consulting since 2010. With a glint in his eyes and a good sense of humour, he not only conveys the differences between Danish and Hungarian culture, but is also excellent at explaining why these cultural differences exist, how to turn them from obstacles into opportunities, and how to best collaborate across the differences.

Birgitte Høxbroe, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Germany Country Specialist

Birgitte Høxbroe
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Germany Country Specialist

Birgitte was born and raised in Denmark, but has lived and worked abroad for a large part of her life, including more than 20 years in Germany. She is an internationally certified business coach, has an education in business administration and a background as a lecturer at an international academy in Frankfurt. Additionally, Birgitte has sales and marketing management experience, including from a German HR company.

Since 2009, Birgitte has run her own consultancy providing German cultural training, career counselling and coaching. At C3, Birgitte uses her extensive knowledge of German business culture in German culture workshops and expat training.

Birgitte’s lecturing style has a “German” touch – she is always concise because she really knows what she is talking about. Also therefore she excels in giving participants clear and useful advice on how to cooperate efficiently with German colleagues and business partners.

Peter Møller Nielsen, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Switzerland Country Specialist

Peter Møller Nielsen
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, Switzerland Country Specialist

Peter lives with his family in Switzerland, which is the base for his work as a cross-cultural trainer and coach. Since 2005, he has conducted 500+ cross-cultural training programmes and has worked with management at all levels as well as individual employees and families facing relocation.

Peter started his career in Denmark, where he among others was country manager for an international exchange organization. In 2002, he moved to Basel, Switzerland, with his family. Here he worked a number of years as a career consultant, providing career-related counselling and settling-in assistance to accompanying spouses of international assignees.

At C3, Peter prepares future expats for living and working in Switzerland. He really invests himself in the training, because it’s crucial for him that the individual employee or family get the best possible stay in the country – both on a professional and personal level.

Peter speaks Danish, English, and German fluently and has a good understanding of Swiss-German.

Lise Toft, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, France Country Specialist

Lise Toft
Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, France Country Specialist

Lise’s infatuation with the French language began when she at 16 participated in her first French lesson. She has lived in French-speaking countries for more than 8 years in total, including Switzerland, Canada and France, and French has become part of her personal and professional identity.

Lise has an MA in French from KU, a PhD from Sorbonne University in Paris and is also co-writer on several books on French language and culture. Aside from her work as a French language consultant for the Foreign Ministry and external lecturer at RUC, Lise runs her own company, where she cooperates with Danish leaders in both Denmark and France.

At C3, both leaders and employees in need of French cultural training and families relocating to France benefit from Lise’s rich knowledge and experience.


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 "Annette is a very accommodating person who, in her open way, invites everyone to ask questions. Often real-life case stories are used as a base to work from, preferably ones from the course participants themselves, and this makes the given topic much more factual."

Ulrik Christensen, VP Production, Factory Manager, Tianjin, China, Vestas Control Systems A/S

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