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Find Client Case Studies and Testimonials by Industry

In C3 Consulting, we work with companies from a wide range of industries.

Our clients have very different needs. Some just need a couple of short workshops where they acquire tools to handle a specific culture-related challenge. Others partner with us for several years to enhance the global mindset of the entire organization.

Find client case studies and testimonials from companies in your own industry:

Industrial Production


C3 Consulting is a permanent partner in optimizing Grundfos’ global activities and we are on Grundfos’ Recommended Vendor List. Since 2009, we’ve designed and implemented a wide range of tailored training programmes for Grundfos employees and managers in for instance Denmark, Hungary, the USA, China, and The Philippines.

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Since 2006, we’ve trained a broad range of Danfoss managers and employees, teams and project groups to communicate and collaborate globally. For instance, we frequently run open courses in country-specific cultural training. The courses facilitate knowledge sharing across the organization about collaborating with the specific country/culture.

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OJ Electronics

With production as well as customers and partners across the world, OJ Electronics in spring 2014 wished to increase the global communication skills in the Development Department. C3 Consulting carried out a customized global communication training programme where the participants acquired tools to help them communicate with awareness, precision and efficiency in their global collaborations.

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CT-TECHNOLOGIES, a company that builds energy-efficient climate-controlled facilities for food production and other industries, has offices across the globe with employees representing a wide variety of cultures. The company wanted to give their employees training to support their global communication. To ensure the training was accessible to everyone no matter their location, they decided to provide global mindset workshops online.

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Fiberline Composites

As Fiberline was setting up production in China, we delivered a number of half-day Chinese cultural awareness workshops – starting with the management team and moving on to other staff groups that would be working with Chinese colleagues and business partners. In addition, C3 acted as a sparring partner for the project manager in charge of Fiberline's China project.

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The wire nail machine manufacturer ENKOTEC has customers throughout the world. A series of workshops focusing on selected markets – including Latin America, Russia, East Africa and Nigeria – has provided ENKOTEC’s employees with tools for developing an even closer dialogue with their customers globally.

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During the end of 2012 and the spring of 2013, the management team of Novenco China, with technology and production facilities in Wuxi and sales and sourcing facilities in Shanghai, took the global leadership training program, developed by The Leadership & Coaching Group by Jan Vælds and C3 Consulting by Annette Dahl.

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For LINAK, C3 Consulting has run Chinese cultural awareness group training programmes and also prepared individual employees and families for relocating internationally.

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Healthcare and Pharma


Since 2007, we’ve collaborated with Coloplast on strengthening the global mindset among the company’s managers and employees. No matter which type of programme, the same approach to culture and the same practical cultural models form the backbone of the training. In this way, the training provides Coloplast with a common language for dealing with cultural differences – across departments, functions and levels.

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NNE Pharmaplan

Since 2009, C3 Consulting has solved a wide range of tasks for NNE Pharmaplan’s different business units. These include Danish cultural training for international employees coming to Denmark to work, and Danish as well as Chinese cultural training for management and middle management in NNE Pharmaplan's Chinese subsidiary.

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Energy and Cleantech

Siemens Wind Power

Since 2010, C3 has designed and implemented a variety of intercultural training programmes for Siemens Wind Power. A few examples: Cross-cultural teambuilding. 'Welcome to Denmark' programmes. Country-specific cultural training for groups of manager and employees – e.g., focusing on Denmark, Germany, Brazil, India, China, and the USA.

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Since 2006, C3 Consulting has solved a wide range of tasks for Vestas' different business units in and outside of Denmark. Read more about our cross-cultural teambuilding for a new technology team, about a cultural training project spanning Russia, Spain, and Denmark, and about Chinese cultural training for various groups of Vestas managers and employees.

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Marine and Logistics

Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN

Since 2010, we’ve provided intercultural training for various management and employee groups at NORDEN. This includes global mindset training for managers and for trainees, global team training, and cultural training for relocation.

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Team Tankers International

In June 2017, we had the pleasure of conducting a one-day global mindset training for Team Tankers International. In the magazine TEAM NEWS from September 2017,  Malene Hald Pedersen, VP Human Resources, tells about the results of the training and shows how the company can use C3's 'Cultural Investigator' and '4R Model' to become better equipped to do business across cultures and borders.

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Prime Cargo

To accelerate the current growth strategy, Prime Cargo was in spring 2015 acquired by the Japanese logistic provider Mitsui-Soko Group, which is headquartered in Tokyo. C3 partnered with Prime Cargo to design 3 workshops providing the participants with a nuanced understanding of the Japanese society and specific tools to optimize communication and collaboration with the Japanese owners.

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IT, Electronics, Telecom, and Media


In 2012, C3 Consulting designed and implemented a cultural awareness training program for managers at the DEIF Group to enhance global leadership competences. During the autumn of 2012, 12 managers participated in a dynamic training program of 3 modules to learn more on how to manage cultural differences in a global setup.

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C3 Consulting frequently collaborates with NNIT on cultural training for relocation, cross-cultural teambuilding, country-specific cultural training, and developing cultural intelligence.

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Trading and Consumer Goods


At LEGO, 24 managers and employees participated in our two-month Chinese culture and language programme. Here the participants acquired practical tools to communicate and collaborate more effectively with Chinese colleagues and subcontractors. In addition, they shared valuable experiences and built a common frame of reference that has helped LEGO to further its collaboration with China.

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Public Organizations

The City Circle

Since 2007, the cross-municipal cooperation the City Circle has partnered with the Chinese city of Wuxi. C3 Consulting's training and advice has facilitated the cooperation with the Chinese partner.

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Vestre Prison

Managing director of C3 Consulting Annette Dahl was the course leader of a three-day training course on "Intercultural skills in work situations" run by the course provider EDUCTOR. The course was targeted prison officers in Vestre Prison. Annette Dahl received top evaluations for the training and consequently the course was held several times.

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