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Global Mobility: Make the Most of Your International Assignments

A successful global assignment drives both personal and professional development for the international assignee and business development for your company.

C3’s wide range of training programmes will help to improve the success rate of your international assignments.

Whether you have a few or many global assignments, short- or long-term, we can train and support your employees and accompanying families throughout the entire relocation cycle: From selecting candidates and preparing for the move, while the assignment is in progress, until the employee or family returns home – or departs for a new country.

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Cultural training for individual assignees and families

Our most popular service when preparing future expats for living and working abroad is a cultural training programme lasting 7 hours or so that we customize to suit individual employees and any accompanying family members.

The training prepares the employees and families for the cultural, professional and family-related challenges associated with their specific international assignment.

We offer training both when you relocate employees around the globe and when you move international employees to Denmark. 

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Extra services related to your global assignments

As well as cultural training programmes for individual employees and families, we also offer a range of extra services to strengthen your global assignments.

We can adapt all the relevant services to match your organization’s relocation policies and programmes.

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Client case study: Danfoss - Cultural training for international assignments globally

"My experience is that the collaboration with C3 on the cultural training is very flexible. As a client, we are always met with an open mindset and an 'everything-is-possible' approach. So far, there hasn’t been a location that C3 could not provide cultural training for."

Anne Stounberg Keller, Senior Specialist, Global Mobility, Danfoss A/S

Why choose C3 as your supplier?

Why choose C3 to provide intercultural training for your relocating employees and their families?

Here are the top eight reasons:

1. Tailored from top to toe

No two international assignments are the same.

Singles, couples or families with toddlers, tweens or teens? Global jet-setters or a family on its first assignment far from home? Many concerns or ready for a new adventure? Heads of department, project managers, other tasks or functions? Strong global skills or no intercultural experience?

We always meet your potential expats at eye level and set the agenda for training with your organization and the international assignee or family.

2. Complete flexibility

Buy a 7-hour cultural training programme, for example, and divide it up exactly as you like.

We can concentrate all the training on one day or divide it into several modules to give employees and family members the time to practice and reflect in between modules. We can chat on Skype or hold a follow-up visit after the departure date to cover new questions your expats may want to discuss. And we can target a large or small part of the training at accompanying partners or children.

Whatever you like and need.

3. Maximum relevance and usefulness

We base the training throughout on very specific tasks and challenges faced by employees and any family members. So they really REMEMBER and USE what they learn – and that includes leaders, who acquire tools for optimizing their performance in the new cultural context, and partners, who are equipped for life as an “accompanying partner” in a new country.

As a result, your expats will happily spread the word that the training was worth not just the time but also every penny!

4. Rock-solid experience and top scores

Since 2006, we have prepared many hundreds of employees and families for their future expat life, and our evaluation scores are tip-top: In 2017, 99% of the participants responded that they were from likely to extremely likely to recommend C3’s cultural training to others. We are also regular providers of expat training for Grundfos, Danfoss, Coloplast, and a long list of other Danish-based companies. Meet our clients here.

5. One common provider globally who knows your company inside out

We are large enough to cover your global training needs – either through our own trainers or our growing network of local business partners who we train to work in compliance with our concept. One bonus with a common provider is that we can include your specific corporate culture in the training, which adds value for the international assignee.

6. Care and dedication

We are small enough to ensure the care and dedication that is essential when giving an employee or family a secure foundation for their new life. From when we first connect until the final follow-up, we keep your expats’ specific needs clearly in focus. During the programme itself, the atmosphere is friendly and informal, and we are happy to train employees and families at home if they prefer.

7. Enthusiastic trainers with hands-on experience

All our trainers deliver training on the cultural settings where they have lived and worked. We all have first-hand experience of ‘being different’ and adapting to the cultural differences that we came to know and love. And we’re passionate about preparing your employees and families to get the best out of their future international assignment. Meet some of our trainers.

8. Common tools, common language and a common approach to culture

No matter which country, the same cultural models and special approach to culture form the backbone of all our training programmes.

When C3 delivers your expat training globally, all your international assignees share the same tools and a common language for dealing with cultural differences. This will unite your global organization, strengthening communication and collaboration across national, cultural and functional borders.

Read more about our approach to cultural diversity here – and see one of our cultural models here.


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Want inspiration on how to work effectively across cultures? Then sign up for our newsletter to get expert advice, easy-to-use tools, and updates on C3 delivered straight to your inbox.

 "In addition to our open culture courses, C3 has functioned as a sparring partner and coach for individual international assignees, which has given the assignee as well as the accompanying family confidence and peace of mind. C3’s customized approach to the individual market and to us as a client make us feel confident about using C3 and their competent trainers on a global level." 
Tatjana Harttung, Director, Global People Development, Human Resources, Sauer-Danfoss

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