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Geographically dispersed teams and stakeholders across the globe are a reality for many team leaders and project managers.

Targeted one-to-one coaching strengthens your development as a team leader or project manager – so you can handle the complexities in the global field, improve your team’s productivity, meet deadlines and comfortably achieve your project’s goals.

What are the benefits of coaching for global team leaders or project managers?

Your challenges and development goals set the agenda for your coaching programme.

For example, you can be coached on:

  • How to adapt your project management methods and tools, so you can use them when working globally.
  • Stakeholder Management: How to identify the important global stakeholders – and communicate and negotiate with them effectively.
  • Team and project members: How to ensure clear communication and productive collaboration across cultural and professional differences. How to create motivation and direction.
  • Cultural differences: How to identify the most important ones – and understand how they affect, e.g. decision making, planning and managing deadlines.
  • From colleague to team leader: How to handle the transition.

Practicalities about the coaching programme

Coaching can range from a few sessions to an ongoing programme throughout an entire project period – it all depends on your needs.

We start by defining the programme’s goals together. You can be coached face-to-face, by phone, or using various virtual communication tools.

The coaching can be combined with advice on how you manage a project or team in a specific country.

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