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Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Summer!


We want to thank our clients and business partners for your support during the first half of 2024. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in August.Read more

Need Inspirational Input on Cultural Diversity and Inclusion?


Are you looking for plenty of aha experiences and tools for navigating cultural differences and creating an inclusive work environment where everyone can contribute? Our skilled specialists are being invited to hold...Read more

6 Reasons to Choose C3 as Your D&I Training Supplier


You might have made up your mind about D&I training – but what about C3? Here are 6 reasons for choosing C3 as your supplier.Read more

More Than 70 Cultural Training Programmes for Expats in 2023


Since 2006, C3 has prepared many hundreds of assignees and accompanying families for their future expat life in countries all around the globe. In 2023 alone, we prepared more than 70 expat assignees and families for their stay...Read more

NEW WORKSHOP - Diversity and Inclusion Unplugged: Having Authentic Conversations at Work


Denmark’s monoculture traces back many centuries. Danes feel like equals – considered by many Danes as one of the best facets of Danish culture. No powerful hierarchies. No one – irrespective of fame or fortune – is seen as...Read more

Meet Our New Trainers


At C3 Consulting, we’re constantly expanding our network of highly qualified intercultural trainers, coaches and country specialists. And we’ve seen new ones over the last few years. Geographically, they have specialist...Read more

NEW WORKSHOP: Break Your Bias


Learn what bias is and why we all have bias. Identify the unconscious biases at play in your daily work. And get simple tools and methods that minimize the negative consequences of bias, so that you make better decisions and...Read more

The Third Culture Kids’ Intercultural Business Toolkit – an Interactive Programme in 4 Modules


As more and more people live and work across national borders, there’s also a sharp increase in the number of ‘Third Culture Kids’ (TCKs). Simply put, TCKs are people who have grown up between cultures and, for example, for large...Read more

NEW: Navigating Complex Change Processes With Rich Diversity


Learn to manage your own reactions when you’re in the middle of a complex change process in your global organization. Gain tools to navigate the changes effectively as a team. And strengthen your communication to internal and...Read more

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