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Interested in Improving Your Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting?


Sign up on the waitlist for our next online learning program (format 4 x 2 hour online sessions). Read more

We're Celebrating our 4R Model's 10 Years Anniversary!


A cultural GPS. A dialogue tool. A behavioral tool. A multi-tool pocket-knife. A simple, yet profound model. A shortcut to cultural understanding. A very practical tool to use in everyday life. A structured way to get a...Read more

NEW: Training on How to Strengthen Your Well-being, Motivation, and Job Satisfaction During the Covid-19 Era


Would you like us to help you, your team, or your company with training on how to increase your well-being, motivation, and job satisfaction during the Covid-19 era? We can assist in whatever form fits you best: As one or...Read more

New Customer Case Study: Improving Online Global Collaboration for Grundfos IS - User Experience Center


Are you working in global teams where the cultural differences are many and vast AND most of the cross-cultural communication take place in an online setting and face2face interactions rarely occur? Then you need strong cultural...Read more

Mini-workshop: Get a Handy Guide to Navigating Across Cultures


You can now book a mini-workshop (delivered virtually or face-to-face) with Annette Dahl, CEO and Chief Trainer of C3 Consulting and author of the book 'Global Perspectives: A Practical Guide to Navigating Across Cultures'.Read more

We Can Help You Organize Your Virtual Meetings and Events


As awareness and precautions regarding Covid-19 is traveling across the globe many face-to-face events are being moved to online platforms. Video conferences and live streaming are new territories for many. Which tools and...Read more

5 Questions with Lisa Topelmann-Weder, PhD, Administrative Officer, Aarhus University


We've asked Lisa Topelmann-Weder from Aarhus University 5 questions about her experience with communication and collaboration across cultures. Lisa has lived and worked globally all her life. She was born and grew up in the USA,...Read more

Meet Mette Bjerrekær, Group Vice President at GRUNDFOS and Curious Cultural Investigator


In late October 2019, C3's book 'Global Perspectives: A Practical Guide to Navigating Across Cultures' came out. The author of the book is C3's founder and CEO, Annette Dahl, who has since 2006 trained thousands of employees,...Read more

C3 Trainers Q&A Series: Meet our Mexico and Latin America specialist Janus Skøt


All training sessions at C3 Consulting are unique – and the same goes for our trainers. That’s why we’ve asked our trainers 5 questions about their background and their work as trainers for C3 Consulting. In this interview, you...Read more

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