Need to be competitive in your global role and build a global mindset? Then start by taking GLOBAL STEPS and strengthen your global business skills. The programme is flexible. Cost-effective. And 100 % focused on your specific challenges.

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GLOBAL STEPS is a 6-week virtual facilitated learning programme that enhances your global business skills. Everything takes place online, so you can participate from your company, while travelling for business, from your home office, or from wherever you’re located.

Each programme is facilitated by an experienced intercultural trainer and has app. 15 participants who all work across national and cultural borders.

The programme starts with a kick-off webinar where you and the other participants meet the trainer and each other, team up as 'learning buddies', and start learning.

The following weeks you work individually and at your own pace on 3 specific challenges that are centred on your own global work day. It's up to you which countries or cultures you’d like to focus on. For each challenge, you become more effective in your communication and collaboration with global partners and colleagues.

You can access short 'video-bites' and other online support materials to help you solve the challenges. When you solve a challenge, you get feedback from the trainer and the other participants. You can also join a midway Q&A webinar.

We round off the programme with a final group webinar. Here you reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ll implement it in your everyday work life.

What do I gain from taking GLOBAL STEPS?

You’ll develop your global business skills through a unique learning programme combining high motivation (regular feedback from an intercultural trainer and the other participants) with high flexibility (everything is self-paced and takes place online).

GLOBAL STEPS will give you:

  1. Heightened cultural intelligence – an awareness that enables you to examine and explore your own as well as your global colleagues' cultural assumptions and business expectations.
  2. Ability to adapt your work style to achieve effective results in your global collaborations.
  3. Skills to develop communication strategies to expand trustworthy business relationships to global partners.

Along the way, you'll get a number of practical tools to put in your toolbox, which you can refer to whenever you need to navigate your way through an international or global setting.

The flexible setup, making it possible to access all the material online when and where you want to, and work with the programme’s challenges at your own pace, was extremely convenient for me.

Michael Nielsen, Head of Software Products, BEUMER Group

Who should take GLOBAL STEPS?

GLOBAL STEPS can be delivered as internal training programmes or as open programmes with participants from various companies.

You can run GLOBAL STEPS as an internal training programme for any group of employees or managers in your company – for instance, for a specific department, or with participants across markets, levels, and organizational silos.

The open programmes are the perfect choice if there are just a few employees or managers from your company who need to strengthen their global business skills. The open programme participants come from various companies and can be located anywhere on the globe. Some of the participants will typically be employed in Danish-based companies operating globally.

GLOBAL STEPS is also available as individual training for leaders, managers, or employees, and can be combined with targeted 1:1 coaching sessions.

Examples of when to use GLOBAL STEPS:

  • You communicate and collaborate with colleagues or business partners across cultures and borders – maybe you are responsible for support globally, involved in global projects, working in virtual global teams, or travelling to sites around the world. 
  • Your organization needs a 'blended learning'-programme, where we combine GLOBAL STEPS with tailored face-to-face training.
  • You want to provide a new, global project group with common tools and a common language to deal with situations that involve cultural differences, strengthening the group members’ communication and collaboration. 
  • Your employees have previously received C3’s cultural training and now you’d like to introduce a group of newly onboarded employees to the same cultural tools, for instance the 'Cultural Investigator' and the '4R Model'.
  • Your department has employees located in subsidiaries across the globe and you want to raise their cultural awareness in a flexible and cost-effective way.
  • As you’ll soon take on new, global responsibilities in your management position, you need to enhance your global business skills.
  • You’d like to include the development of a global mindset in your internal Trainee Programme.

In addition to the examples above, there are plenty of other scenarios where GLOBAL STEPS can create value. Contact us to learn more!

Focused, interesting video sessions, not too long to lose interest but not too short either to miss the point.

Gabor Pozderka, Grundfos

Still undecided?

Check out this video with Annette Dahl to see what you’ll gain from taking GLOBAL STEPS (click here, if you prefer to watch the video directly on Vimeo).

Annette is managing director of C3 Consulting and one of our GLOBAL STEPS trainers.

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