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As organizations and teams are navigating how to meet everyone’s needs from being in the office, to remotely collaborating with global colleagues, and the wish for flexibility working from home, there is a need to quickly improve our hybrid collaboration.

How can we reach a seamless collaboration in the hybrid mix of remote and office-based team members?

Hybrid Acceleration is a 2-hour online workshop designed for you and a group of your colleagues to dive into tips and tools to improve the hybrid team work.

In this engaging workshop we will focus on what agreements need to be in place for alignment within the team and we will look at how you with simple techniques can upgrade your hybrid setup.

Hybrid meetings are challenging so we will share tips on tools and practices to make your hybrid meetings inclusive and fully engaging for both in-the-room and remote colleagues.

To accelerate your hybrid work, digital inclusion is essential which requires awareness of potential in-person biases as well as an overall upgrade of your asynchronous mind- and skillset.

The workshop is designed to model a synchronous/asynchronous balance (incorporating async video messages and group activity in online boards), and examples of synchronized and asynchronized communication channels will be shared.

The 2-hour Hybrid Acceleration workshop gives you:

  • In depth insights into the hybrid work premise
  • Reflections on what to include in hybrid collaboration agreements
  • Practices for asynchronous collaboration methods with the aim to grow a super synced skillset
  • Ready-to-use advice on how to improve hybrid meetings
  • Inspiration for ongoing hybrid team experiments

Workshop format:

As C3’s expert on hybrid and remote collaboration, Senior Consultant Line Mørkbak will lead the 2-hour online Hybrid Acceleration workshop.

The Hybrid Acceleration workshop is delivered in English at 3-5pm CET on the preferred date for your team.

Registration & price for group workshop:

Price for the 2-hour online Hybrid Acceleration workshop: 12000 DKK excl. VAT (max 12 participants).

Book the Hybrid Acceleration workshop for your team via email to

Any other way we can help you enhance your global hybrid collaboration?

We also offer longer training programmes and advice on global hybrid collaboration.

Contact us for more information.

See Line's 7 quick tips on how to succeed in your global hybrid collaboration

How do we create the best framework for a new, hybrid form of work, where some employees are physically present in the office, while others work fully or partially from home?

That’s exactly the challenge that C3's specialist in virtual and hybrid collaboration, Line Mørkbak, has suggestions for in this blog post offering 7 quick hybrid tips.

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