Strengthen your ability to communicate, collaborate and lead globally. Learn to benefit from the opportunities that diversity has to offer. And develop a common language so you can handle cultural differences in your global organization.

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Are you facing expanding cooperation with global customers and suppliers? Do you have leaders and employees from a growing number of diverse cultural backgrounds? Or maybe you already have a global organization – but you see a need for increasing your leaders’ cultural intelligence so they can communicate and collaborate more effectively?

These cases are typical examples of how C3’s tailored leadership training programme can strengthen your global leadership so that you get the full benefit from your global operations.

What are the benefits of global leadership training?

Your organization will have:

  • Common tools, a common language and a common approach to culture
    Your leaders will have common tools and a common language that will make it easier to deal with situations that involve cultural differences – across markets, levels and organizational silos. This common approach will strengthen communication and cooperation in your global organization resulting in faster execution and better performance.
  • Significantly increased ability to make informed decisions
    Your leaders will become better at building global relationships. They will realize that they don’t have all the answers – and instead, they will know who to involve in the decision-making process. This means that you will make informed decisions so that your global strategies and processes make sense in your local organizations.
  • The ability to realize the potential in diversity
    In addition to learning how to deal with the challenges that cultural differences can create, you will see these differences as an advantage and actively bring them into play. We’re not just talking about differences in national culture, but ethnicity, age, sex and professional background – so that you benefit from the opportunities in innovation and growth that diversity has to offer.
  • A foundation for a global mindset throughout the entire organization
    Your leaders will become ambassadors in developing a global mindset throughout the entire organization, and they will motivate colleagues and employees to demonstrate cultural intelligence.

As a leader, you will personally:

  • Raise your cultural understanding and your self-awareness
    You will have a deep understanding of what culture is and what role it plays when we do business. You will become aware of your own cultural baggage: Where are your cultural blind spots? Then you will learn to explore differences in relation to other cultures, and assess which ones are important.
  • Strengthen your ability to communicate, collaborate and lead globally
    You will learn to communicate more effectively and create better results when you work with global colleagues and business partners. And you will develop into an authentic global leader – and learn how to adjust your leadership style to suit the different cultural backgrounds of your employees.
  • Develop your curiosity, flexibility and personal courage
    You will become curious and ask questions when global stakeholders do something that surprises you – and you will see opportunities in these new perspectives. You will get better at coping with rapid change and the long chain of complexities that exists in the global field. And you will learn how to step outside your comfort zone so you can try solutions that are completely new.

The cultural tools that C3 Consulting gave us are easy to use and very efficient in my daily work.

Peter K. Fröhlich, Senior Department Manager, DEIF A/S

Why choose C3 Consulting’s global leadership training?

You should choose our global leadership training if you:

  • Want a flexible training programme that is 100% tailored to your organization and each and every one of your leaders. We’re happy to integrate your corporate culture and values into the training and it can easily merge with your existing leadership development programmes.
  • Want visible and long-lasting results. For example, this is achieved by leaders putting new knowledge into practice to solve day-to-day tasks and challenges, and using each other as ‘training buddies’. Read more about how we ensure the training achieves its objective.
  • Need simple and flexible tools for effective navigation in your global collaboration. See one of them here.
  • Expect trainers who are passionate about creating real change with you – and have extensive global experience. Meet our trainers here.
  • Are a Danish-based company that wants to optimize the communication between your Danish headquarters and the local organizations. We’re experts in that.

The C3 cultural training has given us common ground; common tools, a common language to discuss culture. And this has helped us understand and recognize differences – instead of just seeing the differences and perceive them as 'problematic' because we do not 'align'.

Christian Brix Jacobsen, Director Mechanical Hydraulic Development, Development & Engineering

Practicalities about global leadership training

We can customize a training programme to an individual group of leaders or to a larger number of leaders in your organization. The duration, learning objectives, specific content, and time and place for the training (face-to-face or virtual) will be determined in close cooperation with you.

We recommend that the training is divided into modules lasting 1-2 days spread over a number of months, so that your leaders get a chance to put the knowledge into practice in between modules.

Typically, we cover the following:

  • Cultural awareness and cultural self-understanding
  • Practical cultural models, e.g. the ‘4R Model’ and the ‘Cultural Investigator’
  • Get better at coping with uncertainty and learn to step outside your comfort zone
  • Learn how to be more flexible and agile in your global work
  • Seek out the potential in cultural differences and benefit from them
  • Train your brain to change perspective so you can create better solutions
  • How can you adapt your leadership style to suit different cultural contexts whilst maintaining your authenticity as a leader?
  • How can you develop relationships with global stakeholders – virtually and face-to-face?
  • How can you ensure effective communication and good collaboration with global employees, colleagues and business partners?
  • How can you deal with misunderstandings, disagreements and conflicts in a global working environment?
  • Specific cases and questions from your global working day

We can also work on:

  • Typical styles of leadership and communication in selected cultures
  • Key differences between your own culture and the cultures you work in
  • How can you improve the information flow in your global organization e.g. between the headquarters and the subsidiaries?
  • Understand the brain’s ground rules and create the best framework for your global employees
  • Teambuilding – create a common platform and common values in the leadership team
  • Global talent development – how to attract, retain and develop the most talented leaders and employees globally?

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