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You might have made up your mind about intercultural training – but what about C3?

There are many reasons to choose us.

Here are the top six:

1. Flexible and customized training for your organization – and for every participant

Your needs will never be boxed into a one-size-fits-all concept – and that’s guaranteed. Whether you need one-to-one cultural training for a relocating colleague, development of a global mindset for an entire department, or something completely different altogether – we design the concept in close cooperation with you. We customize all training – not just for your organization, but for each and every participant. Because it’s only when we work with your specific challenges and experiences that the training really takes off.

2. Visible and long-lasting results

A successful training programme delivers significant results. No more handouts ending up in the bin. No more training manuals gathering dust on the shelf. Expect a learning process where we make every effort to ensure that the training achieves its objective. See how it’s done.

3. Aha! moments and practical tools

“Now I get it!” This will happen a lot during the training when we look at case studies and everyday situations. You’ll also get a number of flexible tools to put in your toolbox, so you can refer to them whenever you need to navigate your way through a global setting. It’s all so simple and easy to use – it’ll become natural in no time.

4. One common approach to cultural diversity

No matter which type of training you choose, you’ll benefit from our specialized approach to culture and our range of practical cultural models, which form the backbone of all our training programmes. This means that you’ll develop a common language that will make it easier to discuss cultural issues in your organization. The training creates consistency across departments, functions and levels. And if we work with you over a longer period of time, we can weave your corporate culture into the training too.

Read more here about our approach to culture and cultural differences.

5. You’ll never disappear into the crowd

Care and dedication are key to us – from the first time we connect, to the training itself, and right through to ongoing follow-up. Because we love working with our clients, and because care and dedication are essential to the efficacy of our training programmes – whether you need to develop your management team’s cultural awareness or give a good start to a relocating family.

6. Authentic and passionate trainers

All our trainers have global knowledge. We deliver training on the cultural settings where we have lived and worked. We’ve all got first-hand experience of ’being different’ and trying to adapt to cultural differences that we came to know and love. We’re passionate about the cultures we’re working with. And we’re passionate about creating real change with you. Meet some of our trainers.

The cultural tools that C3 Consulting gave us are easy to use and very efficient in my daily work.

Peter K. Fröhlich, Senior Department Manager, DEIF A/S

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