If cross-cultural or global collaboration is a part of your workday, this book is for you. The book provides simple and effective tools that you can use to navigate cross-cultural situations along with powerful ways to gain new perspectives.

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We’re working across different cultures and time zones more than ever before.

With that comes the possibility of cultural misunderstandings, which can stop global teamwork in its tracks.

So how can we manage cultural differences in the workplace to create new opportunities and new perspectives?

In ‘Global Perspectives’, head of C3 Consulting and one of Denmark’s leading experts in cross-cultural collaboration and global leadership, Annette Dahl talks about her experience of helping leaders and businesspeople everywhere develop a common language that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

Leaning on interviews and case stories, Annette Dahl presents hands-on tools to help you:

  • Talk about cultural issues at work with your global colleagues;
  • Pay attention to differences and similarities;
  • Make a fair comparison between your own and your global colleague’s culture;
  • Develop new perspectives for smoother cross-cultural collaboration and communication; and
  • Promote innovation and engagement in your virtual teams.

In short, the book is a C3 training in book form, so if you like C3's trainings, you'll enjoy this book as well!

My copy of this book will be placed close to me on my office shelf – next to only a handful of other truly inspiring books I have read.

Mette Bjerrekær, Group Vice President, GRUNDFOS

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What they’re saying about the book

"A very easy-to-read book that strikes a good balance between detailed explanations of methods and a synthesis of how these methods can be applied in daily situations … SUPER well thought-out. I'm a fan :)"

- Peter K. Fröhlich, Senior Manager, DEIF

"I have very much enjoyed reading in one place all the knowledge you have about this fantastic subject. Great experiences you have gathered over the years, well done!"

- David Cuquerella Albert, Vice President, Buildings, Central region, COWI

"My copy of this book will be placed close to me on my office shelf – next to only a handful of other truly inspiring books I have read. It will definitely be read again, probably many times, and I will also eagerly lend it to anyone curious enough to ask what ‘Navigating across cultures’ is all about. In other words: Hurry up and read it! I promise you won’t be disappointed."

- Mette Bjerrekær, Group Vice President at GRUNDFOS

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