If cross-cultural or global collaboration is a part of your workday, this book is for you. The book provides simple and effective tools that you can use to navigate cross-cultural situations along with powerful ways to gain new perspectives.

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We’re working across different cultures and time zones more than ever before.

With that comes the possibility of cultural misunderstandings, which can stop global teamwork in its tracks.

So how can we manage cultural differences in the workplace to create new opportunities and new perspectives?

In ‘Global Perspectives’, head of C3 Consulting and one of Denmark’s leading experts in cross-cultural collaboration and global leadership, Annette Dahl talks about her experience of helping leaders and businesspeople everywhere develop a common language that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

Leaning on interviews and case stories, Annette Dahl presents hands-on tools to help you:

  • Talk about cultural issues at work with your global colleagues;
  • Pay attention to differences and similarities;
  • Make a fair comparison between your own and your global colleague’s culture;
  • Develop new perspectives for smoother cross-cultural collaboration and communication; and
  • Promote innovation and engagement in your virtual teams.

In short, the book is a C3 training in book form, so if you like C3's trainings, you'll enjoy this book as well!

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My copy of this book will be placed close to me on my office shelf – next to only a handful of other truly inspiring books I have read.

Mette Bjerrekær, Group Vice President, GRUNDFOS

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How to get hold of 'Global Perspectives' if you live outside Denmark

'Global Perspectives' is available on iMusic, which sells and delivers worldwide – and has top ratings on Trustpilot.

You can find 'Global Perspectives' on the English-language version of iMusic's website here.

Book a mini-workshop with the book's author, Annette Dahl

You can book a 2-hour interactive workshop with Annette Dahl, CEO and Chief Trainer of C3 Consulting and author of 'Global Perspectives'.

As a participant in the workshop, you’ll get to try out some of the practical tools from the book that you can use to navigate cross-cultural work situations.

All participants will get a discounted copy of 'Global Perspectives', so you can continue to work with the tools from the book in your global or cross-cultural day-to-day work.

Read more about the workshop here.

Like to know more about 'Global Perspectives'?

See the book's table of contents here (pdf).

You can download the cover from the book here.

In the video below, the book's author, head of C3 Consulting Annette Dahl, talks about who the book is for and what you'll gain by reading it (click here, if you prefer to watch the video directly on Vimeo).

What they’re saying about the book

"A very easy-to-read book that strikes a good balance between detailed explanations of methods and a synthesis of how these methods can be applied in daily situations … SUPER well thought-out. I'm a fan :)"

- Peter K. Fröhlich, Senior Manager, DEIF

"I have very much enjoyed reading in one place all the knowledge you have about this fantastic subject. Great experiences you have gathered over the years, well done!"

- David Cuquerella Albert, Vice President, Buildings, Central region, COWI

"My copy of this book will be placed close to me on my office shelf – next to only a handful of other truly inspiring books I have read. It will definitely be read again, probably many times, and I will also eagerly lend it to anyone curious enough to ask what ‘Navigating across cultures’ is all about. In other words: Hurry up and read it! I promise you won’t be disappointed."

- Mette Bjerrekær, Group Vice President at GRUNDFOS

"A new book for anyone working across cultures, whether you’re at a major international company, municipality, educational institution or organization. The book gives a platform for working with and across cultures."

- Anne-Lene Sand, Postdoc, Design School Kolding

"I can highly recommend this book! Full of tools that are easy to implement and written in a fun and engaging way :) This book, along with Annette’s global mindset trainings, is indispensable if you are working in a global team or just have some interest in cross-cultural collaboration. The mix of the theories behind cultural intelligence and cases with specific examples makes the book easy to comprehend, which is necessary in a busy schedule."

- Julie Tobiesen, Team Assistant, Siemens Gamesa

"I participated in your book launch in Aarhus and I would like to say thank you for a really nice event – and a special thank you for a great reading experience :) You’ve produced a really good book. It’s clear and well written, and there are really good tools that are widely applicable to anyone working internationally."

- Anja Brinkler, Expat Coach, Lifetrotter

"With businesses increasingly becoming more global - sharing with you an amazing book authored by my intercultural coach Annette Dahl: "Global Perspectives". Right mix of theory and practical tips on how to navigate across different work cultures. Makes for a great read!"

- Kapil Goyal, Senior Manager - Service & Solutions, GRUNDFOS

"What a book – it’s superb reading over a nice weekend with a few cups of coffee and a couple of glasses of good wine :) Well done, I must say – I really think it's a well-written work that covers many interesting and relevant aspects extremely well.

Chapter 6 about the combination of culture and virtual communication has never been more relevant. Of course, even more so now due to Corona, but also despite this. I still think that this is a super interesting area where we’ve still got a way to go when looking across many teams and many companies."

- René Jensen Nystrup, Vice President and CFO, Vestas

"Global Perspectives is a highly practical book which everyone involved in international trade should be reading for both basic and advanced advices on how to create fruitful collaborations.

What most impresses about Global Perspectives is a content solidity. Culture is nicely wrapped in basics of human nature, techniques and models to give you a full picture understanding, and from there to take the lead in generating mutual respect. Really solid.

Another splendid feature is how Global Perspectives invites you to see a range of daily cultural challenges thru eyes of people on the ground. It makes your cultural challenge welcomed – and solved with Global Perspectives.

Job more than well done Global Perspectives – and so to Annette!"

- Dennis Falk Jakobsen, CEO/ Founder, The Business Leadership Academy

"Annette’s Global Perspectives book is written in an easy language that you can understand. A bonus for me and my colleagues is that Annette refers to the same cultures that we work with at Nilfisk, so there were a lot of ‘aha moments’ when reading it. It was like this new box of knowledge had opened that I never knew existed."

- Marcus Faber Kappendrup, Project Manager at Nilfisk

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Global Perspectives: A Practical Guide to Navigating Across Cultures

 "My copy of this book will be placed close to me on my office shelf – next to only a handful of other truly inspiring books I have read."
 -  Mette Bjerrekær, Group Vice President, GRUNDFOS

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