We continually publish new blog posts, in which our extensive network of intercultural experts and country specialists share their knowledge.

25 Books for a Successful Expat Experience


Are you and your family considering an international relocation? Or are you already living as expats? Then you'll find helpful inspiration right here! We've teamed up with interculturalist and expat specialist Kathy Borys...Read more

5 Questions for Anders Endahl Mielnicki on Tryg’s LGBT+ Network


Anders Endahl Mielnicki is a co-initiator of the LGBT+ network founded at the insurance company Tryg. We asked Anders how the network started, about its members and activities, and why there is a need for an LGBT+ network. Read...Read more

7 Mistakes You as a Dane (Might) Make When Working Globally


Many of the companies we provide intercultural training for at C3 have their headquarters in Denmark and operate globally. And many of the participants in our training programmes are Danes who work with employees, colleagues or...Read more

Answers to 4 Typical Questions about the Business and Work Culture in Mexico


Do you have business partners in Mexico? Are you a manager with Mexican employees? Or do you work in other contexts with people from Mexican backgrounds? Then dive into this blog post and discover many useful insights into the...Read more

QUICK TIP: What Snow Clearing in a Swedish Provincial Town Can Teach You about Making Good Decisions


There’s typically snow during winter in the Swedish provincial town of Karlskoga. And that snow needs to be cleared away so that people can move around safely on the streets and lanes. For many years, snow clearing took place in...Read more

7 Tips for Good Collaboration Across Generations


We’re getting older and older. Although the average life expectancy still varies greatly around the world, the trend is clear. According to data from WHO life expectancy has increased by over six years in just two decades –...Read more

Gain Control of Deadlines in Your Global Projects


"My colleagues from country X never meet deadlines – it's SO frustrating!" "My manager from country Y always follows up and wants to know a lot of details relating to the tasks I’m responsible for – doesn’t she trust me?" ...Read more

Trust in Work Relationships: Denmark vs. India


Most people will probably agree that trust is the foundation of good collaboration. But how you create trust in work relationships – and how you can risk losing it again – largely depends on which work culture you are part...Read more

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Third Culture Kids – Growing Up Among Worlds


Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are people who are raised in a culture other than their parents' culture or the culture of their country of nationality, and also live in a different environment during a significant part of their...Read more

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