We continually publish new blog posts, in which our extensive network of intercultural experts and country specialists share their knowledge.

Finding Your Feet in Times of Uncertainty: 7 Tips from C3 That We’ve Tested Ourselves


You can get advice from many sources about how to handle the Covid-19 era, overcome its challenges, and get the best out of the situation. Here at C3 we also have a few tips. They are all 'tried and tested' – we have taken our...Read more

6 Things Successful Expats and Their Families Do Before They Return Home


Nobody would move abroad without planning or preparation – but have you remembered to prepare for your return home after your expat experience comes to an end?Read more

6 Suggestions for How You Can Strengthen Your Cross-cultural Capabilities During the Corona Crisis


Dear reader, No matter where you are in the world, you have probably been affected by the Corona crisis in one way or the other. Maybe your only focus right now is how you will tackle all of the challenges in your new daily...Read more

Bring in the Humaneness: 6 Techniques for Building Online Relationships


It’s certainly easier to get to know your colleagues when you sit next door to them. But sometimes it’s just the way it is that your team is located all over the globe. If there’s not a budget for regular face-to-face meetings,...Read more

How to Ask Questions in a Culturally Intelligent Way


When you collaborate with people from a different cultural background than your own, you may experience things that make you wonder. As a result, there are questions you might want to ask: Is it normal to do things like that in...Read more

Living and Working in China: Useful Apps and WeChat Resources


If you are moving to China or working with Chinese business partners, you will probably learn how important apps are in China. As in most countries, smartphones are a big part of Chinese people’s daily life, but in China it can...Read more

Living in China, Working in China, Working with Chinese Business Partners: 35 Useful Links


If you are moving to China or working with Chinese business partners, it’s a good idea to get to know Chinese culture both inside and outside the workplace. In this post, we have collected what we think are the most useful and...Read more

Want an Eye-opening Experience in Your Cross-Cultural Work? Try out this Exercise!


In late 2019, C3's book 'Global Perspectives: A Practical Guide to Navigating Across Cultures' came out. Written by C3's founder and CEO, Annette Dahl, the book is packed with hands-on tools and practical advice that can help...Read more

Answers to 5 Common Questions about Hungarian Business and Work Culture


Even though Hungary isn’t geographically far from Denmark, the cultural distance is quite large. This is a fact that surprises many Danish-based companies that already have global activities and don’t expect to encounter...Read more

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