We continually publish new blog posts, in which our extensive network of intercultural experts and country specialists share their knowledge.

Answers to 5 Common Questions about Hungarian Business and Work Culture


Even though Hungary isn’t geographically far from Denmark, the cultural distance is quite large. This is a fact that surprises many Danish-based companies that already have global activities and don’t expect to encounter...Read more

7 Smart Tools That Can Boost Your Virtual Collaboration


Is collaboration in virtual teams an everyday part of your work? Or do you manage employees who work in different locations to you? If so, read on to get an overview of 7 virtual tools that make it easier to build relationships,...Read more

How to Uncover the Hidden Cultural Values of Your Global Colleagues – and of Yourself


An iceberg is a commonly used metaphor for talking about culture. We all know there’s a part of the iceberg that’s above the surface of the water that we can see. But there’s also a lot of the iceberg under the surface of the...Read more

6 Things Successful Expats and Their Families Do While Abroad


When living abroad, there is a lot to keep track of. In this blog post, we share some of the most important things to focus on so that you can have a rewarding expat experience.Read more

Danish Workplace Culture – According to Your Danish Colleagues


Flat hierarchy, ironic comments, direct communication, and a willingness to take responsibility. According to Danes, these are the most important aspects of Danish workplace culture that you need to understand if you are a...Read more

8 Things Successful Expats and Their Families Do Before They Move


A successful relocation requires good planning. In this blog post, we share tips for how expats and their families can best prepare before they go abroad. Read more

What Do I Need to Know When Working with Russian Counterparts? The Five Most Common Questions Answered


How can I be a good colleague to my Russian counterparts or a good boss to my Russian subordinates? How should I behave when on a business trip to Russia? When should I call and when should I write an email? These are some of...Read more

Why How You Handle Culture in Your Company Is So Important


At C3 Consulting we are very conscious of how we work with culture when we train managers, employees, teams and entire organizations to lead, communicate, and work together around the world. You should be just as conscious in...Read more

25 Helpful Links for Expats in Denmark


If you are living and working in Denmark, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with Danish culture both inside and outside the workplace. In this post, we have collected what we think are the most useful and up-to-date...Read more

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