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CQ Assessments

A good leader in Denmark may not necessarily be a good leader in China. And the structured, top-performing, sharp-minded specialist may not thrive on the uncertainty and complexity associated with living and working abroad.

In other words, checking qualifications and performance in their home country might not be adequate when choosing employees for international assignments. Candidates must also be comfortable leaving familiar work processes behind and performing in the cultural context of a new country.

Through The Cultural Intelligence Center, we offer a selection of tools for measuring cultural intelligence. These can help you and the candidate to decide whether a given international assignment is a good match.

The scores also identify which intercultural and global competencies the candidate might need to strengthen before relocating.

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At the C3 workshop we worked with our identity, our ambitions, our talents, our possibilities etc. and I think we all left with a desire to create personal goals in the shorter and longer term, and get started to pursue the goal.

Hanne Fogh, participant at workshop for expat partners

Workshops for groups of expats

Group workshops can be a cost-effective way of preparing and supporting your future and existing expats.

Perhaps you have relocated a group of employees to the same destination but offering each employee or family an individual cultural training programme is unrealistic. Invite them all to a workshop and together we’ll explore the typical phases of relocating and provide practical advice and tools for living and working in the country in question.

If many of your international assignees and their families return to Denmark for the Christmas holidays, seize the chance to hold a joint after-work meeting. We’ll highlight some classic relocation issues that your expats can consider in their own context – and we’ll provide input on overcoming challenges and getting the most out of international assignments. As well as acquiring inspiration, the participants can network and share experience.

At smaller workshops for groups of expat partners – across companies if you prefer – we can focus on how relocation can be instrumental in developing both personal and professional competencies.

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Training customized specifically for children and youngsters

We are happy to target a part of our 7-hour cultural training programme for international assignees and families at children aged 8 or over.

We can also design separate training sessions that are customized specifically for children and young people from 5 to 18. We bring in a specialist with decades of experience in preparing children of all ages for living in a new country.

A family with young children may need some extra support – or perhaps a couple of teenagers would benefit considerably from having their own training session. If you have several families facing relocation, why not consider inviting the children to a joint workshop.

We always customize training to suit the needs and age range of the children, and we create a safe, relaxed and inspiring learning environment where all kinds of questions and concerns can be discussed.

The training gives the accompanying children and youngsters the courage to participate in the move with a positive mindset, and we provide plenty of practical tips and advice on how to fit in well in the new culture.

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The setup for my 2 girls was simply amazing. The trainer was extremely good and the training for sure gave our girls concrete and engaging tools in coping with the challenges to come.

Claus Villekjær Nielsen, Director, HR GME, Grundfos

Coaching and counselling before, during and after relocating

Intercultural one-to-one coaching and counselling can support and develop your expats through all phases of relocation. The coaching or counselling can range from a single 2-hour session to continuous coaching while living and working abroad for several years, with a choice of face-to-face contact, telephone/Skype or both.

Examples of how the intercultural coaching and counselling can create value:

  • Intercultural executive coaching: Together, we focus on the relocated manager’s development objectives – e.g. strengthening global leadership competencies, motivating local employees better or achieving greater impact in a global management team.
  • Global project management: Your experienced project manager will be leading a project in a new country. We’ll help by identifying cultural differences that will play a role when interacting with project stakeholders – and we'll explain how to manage the differences to make sure the project achieves its goals.
  • Country briefing for short-term international assignments: You’re sending an employee on a short-term assignment in country X. Based on C3’s 4R model, in just a couple of hours or so we’ll provide a concentrated introduction to the work culture and equip your employee to communicate, cooperate and negotiate efficiently in that specific country.
  • Coaching with discount vouchers: You’re relocating an employee for three years and the family is going along. Give the family a discount voucher for eight hours of coaching and the employee and accompanying partner can use it before, during or after the relocation, as they like. Our coaching can include personal and professional objectives for the assignment; everyday life for the relocated family; and the experience of ‘reverse culture shock’ on arriving home etc.
  • Coaching for 'Third Culture Kids': Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are people who are raised in a culture other than their parents' culture or the culture of their country of nationality, and also live in a different environment during a significant part of their developing years. We can assist your TCK expats in transforming their instinctive intercultural tools into conscious and deliberately focused tools for use in their workplace.

Your organization and the individual expat always set the agenda for the coaching programme – and we’ll help you to achieve the desired targets.

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Repatriation training

After living abroad for some years, returning home can be a greater challenge than leaving in the first place. You might feel that time has stood still in your home country and you’re out of synch with friends and family. And back in the Danish organization, your many new competencies may be almost overlooked.

Repatriation training helps your employees to deal with ‘reverse culture shock’ and settle back into their ‘old’ everyday life again.

We always customize our training to suit individual employees and accompanying families, and we are happy to hold parts of the training before an employee and family return home.

During the training, we can explore e.g.:

  • What are the classic challenges when moving back home – and how should you tackle them?
  • International assignee: What experience and skills have you gained from the assignment and how can you bring them into play in your organization at home?
  • Accompanying partner: What is the next step for finding a job and progressing with your career?
  • How will you readapt to everyday life in your home country? 
  • Objectives and action plans for how you can move on professionally, personally and together as a family

We can also spar with the relevant people in your organization about how to welcome your employees home as well as possible and benefit from their new skills – so the employees maintain their energy and motivation rather than immediately looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

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