'Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting' is an online learning process with 3-4 sessions of 2 hours each, plus working with a learning partner on reflections and on-the-job exercises between the scheduled sessions.

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Do you want to excel in how your global projects are run? Would you like to include all voices in a productive dialogue in your global teams?

In the online learning process Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting, you and your colleagues will acquire easy-to-use cross-cultural models and techniques, providing you with a solid platform for working across cultures.

In addition, you'll gain tools and insights on how to best collaborate remotely, drive projects from a distance, and facilitate engaging online meetings.

How you will benefit from this learning process

Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting is a continuous learning process with a high learning impact.

This learning process gives you:

  • Ready-to-use advice on how to prepare and facilitate engaging online meetings
  • Tools to strengthen remote team performance and online collaboration
  • Techniques on how to make all voices heard in the virtual, cross-cultural context
  • Knowledge on how to make a 'Collaboration Agreement' in your global team
  • Inspiration on how to build strong relationships and trust with remote colleagues – and why it's important
  • Experience with the practical 4R Model that you can use as a cultural GPS and as a tool for marking dynamic cultural comparisons
  • Methods to follow up in a culturally intelligent way so that agreements are fulfilled
  • Tips on how to adapt your cross-cultural communication to remote colleagues with various cultural backgrounds

Target group

You can run Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting as an internal learning process for any group of employees or managers in your company – for instance, for a specific team, project group or department, or as an open enrolment programme with participants across the organization.

The learning process is relevant for anyone who work in a global context with international colleagues/partners and often facilitate virtual meetings, do online events and/or drive global projects with a distributed team.

Format and process

Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting is a learning process with 3 or 4 online sessions of 2 hours each, delivered approximately a week apart.

During the dynamic and interactive online sessions, we use exercises, chats, breakout group discussions, and online whiteboards with the core focus of involving all participants and maintaining a high level of engagement. As participants, you'll get to try out a range of different online tools for inspiration.

In between the scheduled sessions, all participants will work together with a learning partner to reflect on the new learnings and do on-the-job exercises. This strengthens the common understanding and builds important relationships.

Bringing your new learning back to your day-to-day work is essential. Throughout the learning process we focus on how new knowledge can be translated into skills:

  • What will you do differently in your global team?
  • Which habits will you change in your online, cross-cultural work – and how?
  • How will you use the new models and tools to support your distance collaboration?

The C3 book ‘Global Perspectives: A Practical Guide to Navigating Across Cultures’ is used throughout the process as a common platform to support the continuous learning.

This is the first time I have tried a course over several weeks, but it worked very well as we had a chance to reflect upon our learnings, you got to know people better and you didn't have to focus for too long.

Julie, Personal Assistant, SGRE

How to proceed

Contact us to discuss how we can run Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting as an internal learning process for a group of employees or managers in your company.

It is possible for participants to receive additional 1:1 coaching sessions to maximize implementation of the learnings. Contact us to learn more.

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