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Does your team work across cultures, borders and functions?

Customized global team development enables you to use your team’s differences to strengthen innovation and productivity.

What are the benefits of a global team development programme?

A customized global team development programme focuses on creating the results that you want.

For example, we can help a new global team get off to a good start by focusing on building personal relationships and defining common ground rules, values and goals. This ensures you all work in the same direction.

We can also support an existing team where you want to be more aware of the team’s strengths and challenges so you can optimize team performance.

Examples of what you can work on in a global team development programme:

  • Find and put words to the similarities and differences that exist in the team – and use the differences to challenge each other and create new solutions.
  • Acquire simple and practical tools to navigate your way effectively in global collaboration.
  • Create common values and goals that all team members can take ownership of – and strategies for achieving your goals.
  • Achieve clarification of competencies and division of tasks and responsibilities – and find out how personal, professional and cultural skills can play a part.
  • Create a strong team spirit and develop team collaboration that is fun and inspiring.
  • Establish workflows and team ground rules: How do we make decisions? Hold meetings? Give each other feedback?
  • Find out how to ensure effective and constructive communication in everyday work.
  • Learn how to avoid misunderstandings – and how to handle disagreements and conflicts.

Our team collaborates across cultures every day and now we have got a focus on making use of the cultural differences and seeing possibilities rather than limitations.

Birgitte Rask, International HR Consultant, HR International, NNIT A/S

Practicalities about global team development

The programme is designed based on the team’s learning and development objectives, and can be anything from a half-day workshop to a longer period of 2-3 full-day modules.

Together we’ll decide on the duration of the programme, the content, as well as the time and place for the programme activities, which can take place either face-to-face, virtually, or some combination of the two.

We have a lot of experience designing virtual learning processes for both small and large groups, and this can be a cost-effective solution if the members of your team are spread across the globe.

How to proceed

  • Contact us! So we can have a chat about how we can help your team achieve your goals.
  • We are certified in a wide range of development and profiling tools that we can integrate into the team training. Read more here.
  • Not sure whether you should choose C3 as your supplier for intercultural training? See the top 6 reasons here.
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