C3 Consulting trains managers and employees, teams and entire organizations to communicate and collaborate globally.

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We always customize training programmes so that they match the needs of your company and your employees 100%. And we take responsibility for your learning throughout the entire process – so that you put new knowledge into practice to create effective results.

See our training programmes below.

Our trainings can be delivered face-to-face, virtually or as a blended learning programme, which combines virtual training with traditional face-to-face training. Read more here.

We are certified in a wide range of development tools and profiling tools, which can be integrated into your training programme – read more here.

Cultural awareness and global mindset training

Increase your cultural awareness. Develop a global mindset. And optimize your global activities.

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Global leadership

Strengthen your ability to communicate, collaborate and lead globally. And benefit from the opportunities diversity has to offer.

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Training in global virtual collaboration

Is virtual collaboration a part of your workday? Learn the best way to tackle challenges and make good use of opportunities.

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Country-specific cultural training

Optimize collaboration with global colleagues and business partners. Minimize misunderstandings. Maximize value.

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Training in distance management

Learn to be a more present and visible leader at a distance – and create commitment and drive among your employees across cultures and locations.

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GLOBAL STEPS – an online learning programme

Enhance your global skills in a flexible and cost-effective way with our online learning programme GLOBAL STEPS.

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Global mobility

Prepare your relocating employee and family for the new challenges, making the relocation a success for the family and the organization.

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Global teams

Define common ground rules and goals in your global teams – and use the teams’ differences to create motivation, innovation and stronger results.

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Intercultural executive coaching

Do you work as an executive, a leader or a project manager in a global setting? Individual coaching, advice and counseling will ensure that you reach your goal.

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