For LINAK, we’ve run Chinese cultural awareness group training programmes and also prepared individual employees and families for relocating internationally.

Relocating as a family – to China

Below, one of the relocating families – Jens Jørgen, his wife Charlotte and their two kids Tobias and Kristian – tell us about their experiences preparing for a new life in China.

The family’s cultural training programme was spread over a six-month period and consisted of three modules: One for Jens Jørgen and Charlotte together, one for Charlotte alone and one for Tobias and Kristian. In addition, Jens Jørgen also took part in C3 Consulting’s Chinese cultural awareness training, together with his colleagues. 

"We are a family of two adults and two children and suddenly the prospect of a relocation comes into our lives. How should we deal with this? You try to imagine what it will be like living beyond the Danish borders for longer periods of time, to leave the country and start a completely new life.

It is a long process you have to go through, it's a challenge, but there is also the flip side in that your partner might have to give up his/her job. And if you have children who are going with you, they have to think about starting a new school, making new friends, saying goodbye to family, friends, schoolmates, neighbours, etc.

There are the practical things to consider, such as whether to sell or rent out your house or flat, what to bring with you and what to leave behind in Denmark.

One thing is certain: that you need help from one or more people who have experienced being relocated there and who know the country. It is especially important to have guidance before agreeing to the job, whether there are just two of you going or the whole family.

Annette Dahl has contributed a great deal to our relocation, through discussion and teaching about China. It is important to have a person like Annette, who knows China, has lived there herself and knows the language. She knows a great deal about China and what relocation involves, which is why she makes a good sparring partner for the company and family or couple venturing out into the big, wide world.

It is often the first time for relocation, as it was in our case, and with Annette’s expertise and being with a group of people from your company will prepare you well. We say prepared because thorough preparation is very important. Your actual relocation to the country is only really experienced once you are there.

Before and after going to the country, and during your stay, a person like Annette or another consultant will be a great help to you and your family, partner or children.

A good start is very important, the rest you will pick up along the way. 

We have now lived in China for about a year and have settled well. It has been hard, but also exciting and challenging, especially the language.

We wish others who are going to experience life in another country the best of luck."

Tobias – Kristian – Jens Jørgen and Charlotte

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