We continually publish new blog posts, in which our extensive network of intercultural experts and country specialists share their knowledge.

Danish Workplace Culture – According to Your Danish Colleagues


Flat hierarchy, ironic comments, direct communication, and a willingness to take responsibility. According to Danes, these are the most important aspects of Danish workplace culture that you need to understand if you are a...Read more

8 Things Successful Expats and Their Families Do Before They Move


A successful relocation requires good planning. In this blog post, we share tips for how expats and their families can best prepare before they go abroad. Read more

What Do I Need to Know When Working with Russian Counterparts? The Five Most Common Questions Answered


How can I be a good colleague to my Russian counterparts or a good boss to my Russian subordinates? How should I behave when on a business trip to Russia? When should I call and when should I write an email? These are some of...Read more

Why How You Handle Culture in Your Company Is So Important


At C3 Consulting we are very conscious of how we work with culture when we train managers, employees, teams and entire organizations to lead, communicate, and work together around the world. You should be just as conscious in...Read more

3 Conflicts Danes Face when Working with Americans: Tips from an American in Denmark


Kay Xander Mellish, a US-Danish dual citizen who has worked with major US and Danish corporations, offers her input on their business differences in presentations and counselling sessions for C3.Read more

Are 'Good Manners' the Same in Denmark and the UK?


Are my good manners the same as your good manners? In this blog post, Patti McCarthy and Annette Dahl will examine what are considered to be good manners and polished etiquette from a UK and a Danish perspective. Patti is the...Read more

Understand the Brain’s Ground Rules and Become a Better Global Leader

Understand the Brain’s Ground Rules and Become a Better Global Leader


"Brain-based leadership" is a field that is gaining momentum as brain research delivers new knowledge about, for instance, the plasticity of the brain. In short, brain-based leadership suggest that you’ll be a better leader for...Read more

10 Articles from 2017 that Can Strengthen Your Global Work


At C3 we really enjoy following along with what other global thinkers, researchers, bloggers and other good people write about the topics we’re excited about.As a Christmas gift, we have chosen 10 of the year’s most inspiring,...Read more

3 Assumptions You Should Challenge if You Want to Be Successful at Virtual Collaboration


Let’s get it out there right away: Virtual collaboration isn’t easy. Maybe you’re used to having your colleagues sitting right down the hall. Now you’ll be part of a widely dispersed team that almost never meets...Read more

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