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Interested in Improving Your Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting?

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Do you want to excel in how your global projects are run? You want to include all voices in a productive dialog in your global teams?

In the online learning program Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting we will be focusing on working remotely, driving projects from a distance, facilitating engaging online meetings AND we will work on these aspects adding the global lenses of cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication. The learning program consists of 4 online sessions each 2 hours long.

We haven't yet set the date for the next round of the program. Contact Annette Dahl at if you want to be notified when the date is set.

The Learning Program Gives You:

  • Theoretical insights about the virtual premise
  • Ready-to-use advice on how to prepare and facilitate engaging online meetings
  • Tools to strengthen remote team performance and online collaboration
  • Techniques on how to make all voices heard in the virtual context
  • Knowledge to build trust as a cultural investigator
  • Insights to use the practical 4R cultural model as a cultural GPS
  • Tips on how to adapt your cross-cultural communication to remote colleagues

Target Group

The learning program Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting is relevant for you if you work in a global context with international colleagues/partners and often facilitate virtual meetings, do online events and/or drive global projects with a distributed team.


4 online sessions delivered approximately a week apart @ 3-5pm CET.

The learning program is delivered in English with a maximum of 12 participants.


The program is offered as an open enrolment learning opportunity. Participants from different companies, various industries and countries will be learning together. 

A pre-survey is sent to all participants to learn about individual experiences and challenges. The survey inputs are used to customize the program design and to fit needs expressed.

During the learning program interactive exercises, breakout group discussions, and group dialog using whiteboards are utilized with the core focus of involving all participants and maintaining a high level of engagement. A range of different online tools will be used and demonstrated for inspiration.

Participants should plan for approx. 1.5 hours of prep work per week as articles and videos will be assigned to view and discuss with learning partners between the scheduled 4 sessions.

Bringing your new learning back to your work is essential. Throughout the learning program we focus on how new knowledge can be translated into skills: What will you do differently with your team? Which habits will you change in your online work – and how?

Content of the 4 Sessions

#1 The online context

  • Kick-off and setting the stage
  • Understanding the online premise
  • How to make collaboration agreements virtually
  • The role of the remote facilitator/team lead

#2 The global context

  • Increase cultural awareness
  • Understanding unconscious bias and how to mitigate biases
  • The 4R cultural model. Learn questions to consider and easy-to-use ways to compare cultures
  • Make fair cultural comparisons to improve virtual projects and strengthen team development

#3 Online team collaboration

  • How to create engagement in virtual meetings
  • Develop remote high-performance teams and colleagues
  • Constantly improve dialog and performance in the remote team
  • Building trust and creating connectivity

#4 Cross-cultural communication and information flow

  • Understand differences in communication around the world
  • Techniques to adapting cross-cultural communication
  • Listen for the silence
  • Making sure all voices are heard in the online meetings

Additional Coaching:

It is possible to receive additional 1:1 coaching sessions to maximize implementation of the program learnings back at work.

Senior Global Facilitators

The learning program is designed and delivered by a specialist duo on intercultural and remote collaboration.

Line Mørkbak is C3 Consulting’s expert on online work practices. Her focus areas are virtual facilitation, online tool savviness and virtual collaboration team practices. She also supports clients on global mindset and global leadership.

Annette Dahl is founder and managing director of C3. She is lead facilitator on global mindset and expat culture trainings, as well as keynote speaker on cultural intelligence and global team development. Annette is the mastermind behind C3’s popular concept and models.

Annette is the author of the book ‘Global Perspectives: A Practical Guide to Navigating Across Cultures’. Line contributed to the book with a detailed chapter dedicated to collaboration in a virtual work environment.

Registration & Price

Registration: Register for the program via email to Annette Dahl at

Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting: 4 online sessions delivered approximately a week apart @ 3-5pm CET

Pricing: 5.700 DKK per person excl. VAT

Price includes:

  • Prep email including survey and links to pre-reads
  •  2 senior level global facilitators
  • 4 dynamic online 2-hour sessions
  • Additional content delivered via email in between sessions
  • Written follow-up after the last session
  • Free copy of C3’s book: ‘Global Perspectives: A Practical Guide to Navigating across Cultures’
  • Option to add 1:1 follow-up coaching at the special fee of 1.900 DKK excl. VAT per hour (if booked during the program)

Would you like to run 'Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting' as an internal learning program?

You can run Virtual Collaboration in a Global Setting as an internal learning program for any group of employees or managers in your company – for instance, for a specific team, department, or with participants across markets, levels, and organizational silos.

Contact Annette Dahl at or tel. +45 6017 0817 to learn more.

Participant testimonials

"I already know C3 Consulting's trainings very well and was a bit uncertain whether I would get the full output compared to someone who might not have been introduced to your tools before. But I must say that the mix between the two facilitators - culture and virtual tools - worked excellent.

The content was super relevant and the fact that we had a new learning partner every week for reflections was simply brilliant.

Furthermore, you could really feel your passion and that makes a huge difference when you have a course in the late afternoon!

I'm already looking into facilitating our meetings in a more engaging way and I'll definitely use breakout rooms more, simply because we really need input from people, but rarely get it. The notion of high and low context culture is also very useful.

This is the first time I have tried a course over several weeks, but it worked very well as we had a chance to reflect upon our learnings, you got to know people better and you didn't have to focus for too long."

- Julie, Personal Assistant, SGRE

"I liked the very engaged trainers; the leading-by-example; the use of various tools; the way we were nudged into engaging before and after the online sessions; the inputs from the other participants."

- Kirsten Schelde Larsen, PIM, Grundfos

"I loved the form - having to do some pre-work as well as this last "homework" session made me more engaged and drawn into the topic.

I also enjoyed individual learning sessions with my learning buddies and the fact that each time it was somebody different. I am more than happy I learned so many useful tools that I can instantly implement into my daily practice.

What also took me by surprise was an extraordinary care and mindfulness of the trainers - I felt truly supported and taken care of. I would like to thank you both - Anette and Line - this was a truly inspirational experience which surely I will try to implement into my daily practice."

- Ewa Skalska, HR Business Partner, Global Talent Development, LOGSTOR

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