NNIT is one of Denmark’s leading consultancies in IT development, implementation and operations. NNIT’s head office is located in Denmark and other offices are located in China, the Philippines, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and the US.

C3 Consulting frequently collaborates with NNIT on cultural training for relocation, cross-cultural teambuilding, country-specific cultural training, and developing cultural intelligence.

Below you find three different examples.

Cultural awareness workshop

"Annette/C3 really gave us something to think about and work with. She helped us to see the value of being aware of the concept culture and the impact of culture on cross-cultural collaboration.

Our team collaborates across cultures every day and now we have got a focus on making use of the cultural differences and seeing possibilities rather than limitations.

As facilitator of the workshop, Annette was really good at focusing on how you can make use of cultural differences in practice and – even more important – on giving us some concrete tools that we can use in our day-to-day work."

Birgitte Rask
International HR Consultant, HR International

Cultural training for relocation

"As we were relocating an employee + family to China, we contacted C3 Consulting. The days that the family spent with Annette really made a difference in their preparations.

The course provided them with answers to a lot of questions, helped them gain a better understanding of which challenges can arise when you relocate, and gave them specific tools to handle these challenges."

Birgitte Rask
International HR Consultant, HR International

Teambuilding in a Danish-Chinese project team

Headquartered in Denmark, NNIT has a Chinese subsidiary in Tianjin. When a new IT project is initiated, three new Chinese colleagues are going to receive training and education for a longer period of time at the Danish headquarters.

In connection with the start-up of the project, C3 Consulting delivered a cross-cultural teambuilding workshop. The workshop focused on the exchange of cultural differences and preferred ways to communicate and work in teams.

"The cultural workshop provided a good take-off for our cooperation in the project team and Danish as well as Chinese colleagues have expressed great satisfaction with the workshop."

Tanja Nørgaard Troelsen
Project Manager

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