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During the end of 2012 and the spring of 2013, the management team of Novenco China, with technology and production facilities in Wuxi and sales and sourcing facilities in Shanghai, took the global leadership training program, developed by The Leadership & Coaching Group by Jan Vælds and C3 Consulting by Annette Dahl.

For Novenco, the purpose of the global leadership training was to build a high performance cross cultural management team with more efficient leaders, enhancing managers’ leadership capabilities, leadership responsibilities and create a highly positive team impact and leadership for Novenco in China.

The process of the global leadership training consisted of a total of five days training in three modules, giving the management team time to reflect individually on their learning experience and to integrate the agreed changes in the management teams. To help managers develop their leadership capabilities individually, each manager received one on one coaching during the training modules.

Client testimonials

Alex Peng, Finance Manager, Novenco China:

“This leadership training has helped us create and develop a high performance team among the two management teams, so we now share common goals, dialogue, and a much better understanding of sharing information and discuss to achieve common goals.

For me as a manager, the training has helped me develop my leadership competences: I am aware of my leadership stiles and use more delegation and coaching, and I see result in terms of a higher motivation among team members.”

Ada Cheng, Order Handling & Call Off Manager, Novenco Wuxi:

“One of the eye openers for me has been how to face and deal with conflicts. Because of the leadership training I now have competences and tools to manage conflicts in a constructive way, focusing on common interests and solutions.

For me, the key is how to understand my co-managers, employees and colleagues, by showing interest and asking questions. This also applies for my team; we now share a team perspective and focus on “we” and “can I help them?”

Bo Jørgensen, General Manager, Novenco Hi-Pres Air Handling Equipment (Wuxi) Co., Ltd:

“From a management perspective I see a management team, which is open, self-confident, honest, and take initiatives. I see leadership responsibility; tasks are being taken proactively, not delegated. We are in the process of building a high performance team with common objectives, shared values and a common interest to succeed with our objectives through dialogue, responsibility, and collaboration.”

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