Since 2010, C3 Consulting has designed and implemented a variety of intercultural training programmes for Siemens Wind Power, including:

  • Country-specific cultural training for groups of manager and employees – e.g. focusing on Denmark, Germany, Brazil, China and India
  • Cultural training programmes for individual employees and families preparing them for international assignments globally
  • 'Welcome to Denmark' programmes for Chinese colleagues coming to Denmark to receive training

Read more about some of the training programmes we’ve delivered:

Expansion in China

In connection with Siemens Wind Power's expansion in China, C3 held a number of cultural awareness workshops for the employees in Denmark who were going to have frequent contact with Chinese staff and business partners.

The workshops focused on giving the participants:

  • an increased awareness and understanding of the Chinese culture and the participants' own cultures
  • tools to communicate consciously and effectively with Chinese colleagues and business partners
  • knowledge of 'guanxi' – the Chinese way of networking – and practical methods to build good relationships

Testimonial on C3's Chinese cultural awareness workshops for Siemens Wind Power:

"As a part of Siemens A/S we have a large network world wide. Yet we soon realized that in order to obtain the optimum results for all parties, it is essential to have dedicated resources like C3 to support us. That is true during the development and implementation of training courses as well as providing advice once the training course or relocation is a reality and the day-to-day challenges arise.

Through the well-implemented workshops C3 has, with an effective use of case studies during the training, managed to heighten our level of knowledge and make us see things in a larger perspective.

For us it has been crucial that the training was customized for the participants, based on the needs and experiences of each participant. Here we have experienced that C3 has played a very active role before, during and after the actual days of training.

We find the way of teaching very inspiring, and particularly the use of the participants' own experiences combined with Annette's extensive knowledge makes the teaching very engaging.

We feel convinced that C3 through the implemented training courses has provided us with a strong foundation for our future collaboration with China.

Our vision is to be Best@Wind – and we can definitely recommend C3 as being Best@China."

Allan Jepsen
Program Manager, HR Training & Development
Siemens Wind Power A/S

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Setting up production in the U.S.

We also provided training when Siemens Wind Power established a new wind turbine equipment factory in the U.S. state of Kansas.

First, the American employees received Danish cultural training, providing them with tools to communicate and collaborate with their Danish colleagues and managers.

Second, the Danish-American management team engaged in teambuilding activities, focusing on building up common values and rules of the game for the cross-cultural team.

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Global mindset training for Siemens apprentices

In March 2016, Siemens Denmark decided to target a one-day global mindset training programme to the company’s office apprentices.

As Siemens is a global organization, the apprentices communicate and collaborate frequently with colleagues, clients, and business partners from various countries and of different nationalities.

The goals of the training were to:

  • increase awareness and understanding of the apprentices’ own culture and other cultures
  • provide practical tools to enhance cross-cultural communication and collaboration
  • strengthen the apprentices’ curiosity and global mindset

Participant feedback:

"I liked the hands-on models and tools I have gained for improving my understanding of cultural differences, and how these can underlie behavior that I otherwise wouldn’t regard as normal. Super cool that the trainer shows engagement and is enthusiastic about the material we were trained in. This also enhances your learning ability."

"The subject of the training was really interesting. Additionally the training itself was being held in a great way – the trainer presented the different subjects, and we then discussed the subjects in our different groups. To me this is a very good way of learning."

"I liked the good advice I gained on how to make presentations, even though it was related to meetings, I think it will also be helpful when presenting my final exam and at school in general. I think it was some really good inputs and explanations on why it might be a little taboo to ask questions about other’s background, and at the same time you gained tools for opening up for these questions without seeming offensive or improper."

"Annette was really good at explaining and elaborating on the issues that often result from working / communicating in a large, international company. At the same time, the training was a big eye opener in understanding that the way we Danes work is not necessarily always the right way."

"I liked that the trainer had so much experience on the subject and thereby could specialize the presentation / discussions to what we were interested in knowing."

"I liked that it was a mix of exercises and power point. There was a good dialogue and I felt concentrated throughout the entire day."

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