Vestas is the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy. Vestas employs people at the company’s service and project sites, research facilities, factories and offices all over the world.

Since 2006, C3 Consulting has solved a wide range of tasks for Vestas' different business units in and outside Denmark.

Read more about some of the training programmes we've delivered:

Cross-cultural teambuilding

When Vestas Technology developed a new wind turbine in China, C3 Consulting carried out a cross-cultural teambuilding programme for the new technology team. The programme helped ensure that the cross-cultural team was quickly established, and that the working pace was fast.

Feedback from the team members:

This has accelerated the pace with which we could work

"C3 Consulting has made a great contribution to the success of developing our new Wind Turbine for China. The very intensive cultural transition and teambuilding program carried out by C3 has had a tremendous impact on how quick the new Technology team was formed.

This has accelerated the pace with which we could work. The team members often refer back to this as one of the key events in their transition into China and forming the network."

Egon Hygom Poulsen
Chief Project Manager
Vestas Technology

An entirely new view of the value of a multi-cultural team

"As a professional training session, Global Team Development provides an entirely new view of the value of a multi-cultural team, reveals the potential conflicts in integration, communication, international cooperation and provides the solution on playing a successful role in the cross-cultural environment.

C3 contributes greatly in designing the workshop with vivid games and discussions to emphasis the importance of team power and compromise to achieve a Team Target."

Vivian Deng
Professional, People & Culture
Vestas Wind Technology (China) Co., Ltd Beijing Branch

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Cultural training spanning Russia, Spain, and Denmark

As Vestas was building a new plant in Ulyanovsk (Russia), and the employees at Vestas' plant in Daimiel (Spain) were working with their new Russian colleagues on training and knowledge transfer, C3's Russia specialist Helena Drewes was:

  • training the Russian staff in intercultural communication + Vestas' values,
  • training the Spanish staff in Russian culture,
  • providing intercultural training for the project managers in Denmark,
  • and doing 1:1 intercultural coaching with the Spanish plant manager.

C3's 4R Model formed the backbone of all the training, providing Vestas' employees with a common platform to enhance communication and collaboration.

Project leader at Vestas Max Lehmann says about the training:

"I have been working with Helena in Russia / Ulyanovsk, to support with Culture training for new hired Russian Employees and Managers, to prepare them for training in Europe / Spain and Russia for Vestas.

Helena has also trained Spanish Employees / Managers to prepare them for Russian culture, and has been coaching the Factory Manager, to be prepared for the culture challenges in Russia, during hiring, organization set-up and building up the Management group.

During the Culture Training projects, Helena has shown a great performance, to organize, plan and follow up on the training scope, and has been given a high valued feedback after the courses.

Helena has a high-performance level, flexible, and a very serious attitude to ensure the quality and detailed training, at all time. Helena has very good training skills, and her personal attitude and cooperation with me and the Managers is on high level, and very positive."

Max Lehmann
Project leader, Training
Technology Transfer Projects & Training
Blades PE, Vestas Wind Systems

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Chinese cultural training

Over the years, a large number of managers and employees from Vestas have attended C3’s customized Chinese cultural training programmes.

Testimonial on the training:

An extremely positive experience for all participants

"The cultural training was an extremely positive experience for all participants. Annette's heartfelt enthusiasm was contagious and soon everyone wanted to work with China. The seminars are always well structured, thought through and matched to the target group.

I have especially liked that we have avoided talking about “do’s and don’ts” and constantly focused on the reasons and the understanding of the cultural differences. Annette’s focus on similarities and things that bring people together across cultures has been one of the bigger benefits for us, however paradoxical that sound.

There is material for everyone in the form of maps, and the course follow-up is very specific and useful. The tasks are good and very easy to understand. When the approach to the task is straightforward it is easy to start them and this fosters a more relaxed yet still serious atmosphere.

Annette is a very accommodating person who, in her open way, invites everyone to ask questions. Often real-life case stories are used as a base to work from, preferably ones from the course participants themselves, and this makes the given topic much more factual. With her experience and ability to communicate, we only have positive things to say about the cultural training Annette teaches."

Ulrik Christensen
VP Production, Factory Manager, Tianjin, China
Vestas Control Systems A/S

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