See testimonials from participants on open and internal GLOBAL STEPS programmes.

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GLOBAL STEPS is a 6-week virtual facilitated learning programme that enhances your global business skills.

GLOBAL STEPS can be delivered as internal training programmes or as open programmes with participants from various companies.

See testimonials from participants on open and internal programmes below.

You can find out more about GLOBAL STEPS here.

I found the feedback of the challenges very useful, but also the input from others

"I enjoyed working on the challenges themselves, as doing those exercises makes you think about specific differences that you might not be consciously aware of.

I found the feedback of the challenges very useful, but also the input from others, as in that way you also become aware of communication challenges between other countries."

Dr. Olga Kattan, Researcher – Separation Technology, German/Salvadorian, The Netherlands

I am better at interpreting the reactions

"I was really busy in my project, but since there were many different nationalities included I could just practice while working so it didn’t cost me too much of an extra effort actually.

My main take away was to maintain an openness towards my counterpart. I ask different questions to open up the conversation. I am better at interpreting the reactions and not just judging, but trying to explore and understand. I take a step back, and it helps a lot."

Marco Hansen, IT Solution Architect, Danfoss Drives

The videos on the learning platform were very good

"I like the opportunity to exchange information with other participants and that it’s up to you which country you would like to focus on, this meets your specific demands.

The videos on the learning platform were very good."

Yvonne Thoben, BEUMER Group, Germany

The flexible setup was extremely convenient for me

"I’ve participated in C3’s virtual learning programme GLOBAL STEPS – in one of the open programmes – and I warmly recommend it.

I have trough my work with the programme’s 3 challenges gained some specific tools that are really simple to apply in practice. The entire programme was structured in a logic and pedagogical way, which made it easy to follow.

Trough out the month and a half the programme ran for, the trainer continuously sent follow-up mails and these ‘reminders’ were a big help. It was also really interesting to see the other participants’ solutions to the challenges. It definitely gave me some extra input.

The flexible setup, making it possible to access all the material online when and where you want to, and work with the programme’s challenges at your own pace, was extremely convenient for me.

I could for instance see the videos at home, or from the hotel when I visited our German headquarters. I wasn’t able to attend the kick-off webinar, but then it was recorded so I could watch it later on. When I’d watched the videos to one of the challenges, I could ponder over it for a couple of days, and then start solving the challenge. And the fact that the programme ran for so many weeks made it easy to fit it into a busy working day.

The cultural tools and methods from the programme have proved to be very useful for me in several contexts.

As an example, we as leaders in Beumer Group have recently been through an assessment in order to identify personal development opportunities. Here I can use the tools from GLOBAL STEPS in my development as a leader, for instance in order to strengthen my relationship-building and spend more time on explaining things thoroughly."

Michael Nielsen, Head of Software Products, BEUMER Group, Denmark

A big eye opener, increased self-understanding, a broadened horizon

"I learned a lot about my own personal style, it was a big eye opener. The 4R model was very useful and so was the 'info big group, input small group'."

"It has broadened my horizon and increased my self-understanding."

"I learned to take a step back and be curious. Now I ask more questions in the process instead of assuming that everybody understand."

"I now give a more clear background, explain why, and provide more information. I avoid emails and switch to skype instead."

"I give more explanations and I'm more patient now. I know more about the Danish culture, it has increased my own cultural self-understanding. And we now have a whole group of 'go-to-people', that’s really good."

Reflections from a group of Danfoss employees of various nationalities

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