Do you encounter challenges when working with global partners and colleagues? Do you want to maximize your international locations by giving your relocating employees a good head start? Or do you want to equip your management team for global leadership?

C3 Consulting can help

We train executives, managers and employees, teams and entire organizations to communicate and collaborate globally. We customize training programmes so that they match the needs of your company and your employees 100%. And we take responsibility for your learning so that you put new knowledge into practice to create effective results.

What can we do for you?


Cultural awareness and global mindset training

Increase your cultural awareness. Develop a global mindset. And optimize your global activities.

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Country-specific cultural training

Optimize collaboration with global colleagues and business partners. Minimize misunderstandings. Maximize value.

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Global mobility

Prepare your relocating employee and family for the new challenges, making the relocation a success for the family and the organization.

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Why our cultural training makes a difference


Why choose C3 Consulting?

You might have made up your mind about intercultural training – but what about C3? There are many reasons to choose us. See the top six.

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We take responsibility for your learning

Our trainings deliver visible and long-lasting results. Find out how we ensure that the training achieves its objective.

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Meet our trainers

C3 Consulting draws upon a large network of intercultural trainers, coaches, and country specialists. Meet some of them here.

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News from C3 Consulting


NEW WORKSHOP - Diversity and Inclusion Unplugged: Having Authentic Conversations at Work


Denmark’s monoculture traces back many centuries. Danes feel like equals – considered by many Danes as one of the best facets of Danish culture. No powerful hierarchies. No one – irrespective of fame or fortune – is seen as...Read more

Meet Our New Trainers


At C3 Consulting, we’re constantly expanding our network of highly qualified intercultural trainers, coaches and country specialists. And we’ve seen new ones over the last few years. Geographically, they have specialist...Read more

NEW WORKSHOP: Break Your Bias


Learn what bias is and why we all have bias. Identify the unconscious biases at play in your daily work. And get simple tools and methods that minimize the negative consequences of bias, so that you make better decisions and...Read more

New knowledge and inspiration


25 Helpful Links for Expats in Denmark


If you are living and working in Denmark, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with Danish culture both inside and outside the workplace. In this post, we have collected what we think are the most useful and up-to-date...Read more

25 Books for a Successful Expat Experience


Are you and your family considering an international relocation? Or are you already living as expats? Then you'll find helpful inspiration right here! We've teamed up with interculturalist and expat specialist Kathy Borys...Read more

5 Questions for Anders Endahl Mielnicki on Tryg’s LGBT+ Network


Anders Endahl Mielnicki is a co-initiator of the LGBT+ network founded at the insurance company Tryg. We asked Anders how the network started, about its members and activities, and why there is a need for an LGBT+ network. Read...Read more

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