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Cultural Diversity, Inclusion, and Working Across Differences: 35 Great Books

We have just updated our popular list of recommended books for anyone involved with cultural diversity, inclusion and working across differences on a daily basis.

Below you can read about 5 of the new books we have added to our list.

Hungry for more? Then check out our full list of 35 inspiring books on cultural diversity, inclusion and working across differences here.

1. Global Fitness for Global People: How to Manage and Leverage Cultural Diversity at Work

By Helen Spencer-Oatey, Peter Franklin and Domna Lazidou, Castledown Publishers, 2022.

Global Fitness, according to this book, is your ability to handle challenges that cultural differences can create, while also optimizing the opportunities those differences bring. And this covers not only cultural differences between countries but also between other social groups we join, based on religion, professional cultures, hobbies etc. Just like all other fitness, it takes targeted training to be Globally Fit, and through a mix of research-based knowledge, cases and exercises, the book guides you on how to address this training.

2. IS THAT CLEAR? Effective communication in a multilingual world

By Zanne Gaynor and Kathryn Alevizos, Acrobat-Global, 2019.

Many companies operating globally expect you to be able to communicate in English – even if you have another native language. But what do we expect from employees who have English as their first language? This is where "IS THAT CLEAR?" enters the picture! The book targets native speakers wishing to take co-responsibility for good communication with international colleagues and business partners. This useful, concise book is full of practical advice on how native speakers can adapt their language and actively include non-native speakers in conversations.

3. Leading Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Guide for Systemic Change in Multinational Organizations

By Rohini Anand, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2021.

In this book, Rohini Anand generously shares her personal experiences of leading DEI initiatives in global companies. One of the book's main points is that when working with global DEI, you need a nuanced understanding of local contexts across countries and cultures. DEI initiatives that succeed in one country might have unintended, negative consequences in another. Throughout the book, the author unfolds five overarching principles to guide your global DEI work. A must read if you work with DEI at a global company!

4. Beyond Discomfort: Why inclusive leadership is so hard (and what you can do about it)

By Nadia Nagamootoo, Practical Inspiration Publishing, 2024.

"Leading inclusively is tough because you have to constantly challenge yourself to operate Beyond Discomfort". That is what Nadia Nagamootoo writes in her book, which tackles the difficult emotions DEI work evokes in many people. "Beyond Discomfort" is for anyone wanting to develop their inclusive leadership skills – even if that journey is not always pleasant. Throughout the book, the author, an authorized psychologist, challenges you to reflect on your own life experiences, thoughts and emotions, and gives you practical tools and exercises to use as an inclusive leader. 

5. BrainSmart Leadership

By Anette Prehn, Reframe Publishing, 2022.

Sociologist and science communicator Anette Prehn is passionate about communicating research in a way that is easy to understand, remember and use. And she certainly succeeds in this book, where, based on the newest brain research, she demonstrates how you can become a better leader when you know and master the brain's ground rules. The book is full of cases and examples, and each chapter ends with the author's ideas on how to transform your new knowledge into concrete actions in everyday life.

The book is also available in Danish: "Hjernesmart ledelse - guide til hjernens spilleregler", People's Press, 2nd edition, 2018.

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