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Finding Your Feet in Times of Uncertainty: 7 Tips from C3 That We’ve Tested Ourselves

You can get advice from many sources about how to handle the Covid-19 era, overcome its challenges, and get the best out of the situation.

Here at C3 we also have a few tips. They are all 'tried and tested' – we have taken our own medicine!

1. Check in more often with your favorite colleague

This is a particularly good idea if you’re working from home. Call while you’re making coffee or lunch and have a short, informal chat. It strengthens the trust between you, and trust is something we need even more right now.

2. Reach out to others if your brain’s amygdala is triggered

The brain’s amygdala – also known as the brain’s watchdog – is designed to protect you by putting the body into a state of alert whenever you experience danger. And it's absolutely normal that your amygdala is triggered by the uncertainty of the Covid-19 era.

That means your amygdala is sucking up energy, leaving the rest of your brain with a reduced capacity for getting an overview of things and solving problems. It’s OK to ask for help! Reach out to your coach, your best friend, your mother, your networking buddy or whomever else you use as a sounding board to get help to see new perspectives. It helps a lot to voice your concerns out loud.

3. WALK to and from work – even if you work at home

Sure, it can sound a little strange that you should WALK to and from your work when you are working from home – but it creates good energy and provides an excellent start and end to the workday to go out and come home again. And the exercise will help you avoid putting on weight during corona times too! :D

4. Eat chocolate

New small habits in an uncertain new workday can offer the brain a sense of calm. Morning coffee accompanied by one small chocolate truffle, or whatever works! If your usual habits are no longer possible, try to find some new small habits. (If you eat too much chocolate, see point 3 about exercise. ;))

5. Thankfulness exchange

An oldie but a goodie – and it works! What are three things you are thankful for each day? Write them down on post-its and put them up on your bulletin board, your refrigerator, or the coffee machine. This will help your brain move its focus away from insecurity and worries.

6. Zone of interest or zone of influence?

Use your energy on things you really have influence over, and just be 'interested at a distance' in aspects of life that you have no power over. This can be very difficult if you are in a frustrating situation. But practice helps!

7. Be curious about your global colleague’s everyday life during Covid-19

Most of us around the world can say that our daily lives have been affected by Covid-19. But how do things look for your global colleague located in China, Mexico, or the USA? There are big differences, and being curious about them can bring you and your colleague closer together.

Get input on how to strengthen your well-being and your job satisfaction during the Covid-19 era

Can we help you, your team, or your company with feedback on how to increase your well-being and work satisfaction during the Covid-19 era?

We can assist in whatever form fits you best:

  • As one or several 1:1 coaching sessions
  • As a short workshop or longer training process for a team or a department
  • Delivered online, face to face, or as a combination

If there’s something we can help with, please email us at or call/text us at +45 6017 0817.

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