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Strengthen Your Employees' Global Business Skills in a Flexible and Cost-Effective Way

We've re-launched our online learning programme GLOBAL STEPS on a new platform with lots of new features that enhance participants' learning.

Are your employees spread out across the globe? Do you need to strengthen their global business skills but lack the time or resources to gather everyone for a face-to-face meeting at your headquarters?

Our online programme GLOBAL STEPS may be just the solution you're looking for.

Many new features to maximize your employees' learning

GLOBAL STEPS is a facilitated virtual learning programme that enhances participants' global business skills.

During the six-week programme, participants work individually on three concrete challenges that are centred on their own global workday. The participants can access short 'video-bites' and other online support material to help solve the challenges.

GLOBAL STEPS is facilitated by an experienced intercultural trainer, who starts the programme with a kick-off webinar, provides feedback on the solutions to the three challenges, and rounds off the programme with a final group webinar.

We've re-launched GLOBAL STEPS on a new platform with more features to strengthen your employees' learning, including:

  • Better opportunities for interaction with other participants
  • Improved features to track participants' progress
  • Unlimited access to the platform for a year or more after the final group webinar so that participants can brush up on their new knowledge whenever needed, increasing the learning potential

Everything takes place online, so your employees can participate from wherever they are located. We record both the sound and slideshow of the two webinars – so participants won't miss out on anything if the webinars don't match their calendars or time zones.

What do your employees gain from GLOBAL STEPS?

GLOBAL STEPS will develop your employees' global business skills through a unique learning programme combining high motivation (regular feedback from an intercultural trainer and the other participants) with high flexibility (everything is self-paced and takes place online).

GLOBAL STEPS will give your employees:

  1. Heightened cultural intelligence – an awareness that enables them to examine and explore their own as well as their global colleagues' cultural assumptions and business expectations
  2. Ability to adapt their work style to achieve effective results in their global collaborations
  3. Skills to develop communication strategies that support trust in business relationships with global partners

Along the way, your employees will get a number of practical tools to put in their toolboxes, which they can refer to whenever they need to navigate through an international or global setting.

When is GLOBAL STEPS relevant for your organization?

You can run GLOBAL STEPS as an internal training programme for any group of employees or managers in your company – for instance, for a specific department, or with participants across markets, levels, and organizational silos.

GLOBAL STEPS is also available as training for individual leaders, managers, or employees, and can be combined with targeted 1:1 coaching sessions.

Examples of when to use GLOBAL STEPS:

  • Your department has employees located in subsidiaries across the globe, and you want to raise their cultural awareness in a flexible and cost-effective way that is easily scaled.
  • You want to provide a new, global project group with common tools and a common language to deal with situations that involve cultural differences, strengthening the group members’ communication and collaboration.
  • Your employees have previously received C3’s cultural training, and now you’d like to introduce a couple of newly onboarded employees to the same cultural tools, for instance the 'Cultural Investigator' and the '4R Model'.

In addition to the examples above, there are plenty of other scenarios where GLOBAL STEPS can create value. Contact us to learn more!

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