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C3's New Book Has Come Out!


If cross-cultural or global collaboration is a part of your workday, 'Global Perspectives' is for you. Written by C3's CEO and Chief Trainer, Annette Dahl, the book provides simple and effective tools that you can use to navigate...Read more

Meet C3's CEO and Chief Trainer Annette Dahl – and Learn Why C3's Logo Has Gotten a Makeover


Annette Dahl established C3 Consulting in 2006 as an independent China expert – and within just a few years had built the business into a highly regarded provider of a broad range of intercultural training programmes. In the...Read more

It's Now Easier for You to Find New Knowledge and Inspiration


Welcome to our new website, where you can find tons of free information and tools to help strengthen your cross-cultural work. Read more

Coming Soon: C3's Training in Book Form


Do you work across cultures? Could you use a handbook filled with practical advice and simple tools that can strengthen your global or cross-cultural work? Then you have something to look forward to this fall, when you'll be able...Read more

Line Mørkbak

C3 Trainers Q&A Series: Meet Line Mørkbak, Our Global Leadership and Virtual Collaboration Specialist


Every C3 training programme is unique – and so are our trainers. That's why we've asked some of our trainers 5 questions about their background and the work they do for C3. In this interview, you'll get to know more about Line...Read more

Did You Know That Most of Our Trainings Can Also Be Delivered Virtually?


Companies contact us all the time saying that they need to provide intercultural training for a group of employees who are spread out across the globe, but they lack the time or resources to gather everyone for a face-to-face...Read more

Max Lehmann, Project Leader, Vestas

5 Questions with Max Lehmann, Project Leader, Vestas


We've asked Max Lehmann from Vestas 5 questions about his experience with global communication and collaboration. Max works on international projects with diverse stakeholders. After more than 15 years of working globally,...Read more

New Client Case Study: From Germany to Denmark to China and Beyond


A promotion for this manager meant relocation from Germany to Denmark and business travel to East Asia. To prepare for his new role, he combined intercultural executive coaching with C3's virtual learning programme, GLOBAL STEPS.Read more

Strengthen Your Employees' Global Business Skills in a Flexible and Cost-Effective Way


We've re-launched our online learning programme GLOBAL STEPS on a new platform with lots of new features that enhance participants' learning.Read more

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