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How much of a Difference does Intercultural Coaching make in Practice? Thoughts from a Customer.


In 2015 we ran an 1:1 intercultural coaching process with Anne Katrine Windfeld of Grundfos, who was working on global projects with stakeholders in places like China, Hungary, and Denmark.After each coaching session, Anne...Read more

Learning day for C3 trainers August 2017

We've Trained our Trainers


In late August, we gathered the growing group of C3 trainers for an inspiring day of learning from each other.Read more

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Annette Dahl, Managing director in C3 Consulting

When Danish and Chinese Work Cultures Meet


In a new podcast from The Danish Society of Engineers, C3's Annette Dahl talks about key differences between the Danish and Chinese work cultures and what these differences mean for Danes working in China.Read more

Dániel Gergely Szabó - Hungary Country Specialist at C3 Consulting

C3 Trainers Q&A Series: Meet our Hungary Country Specialist Dániel Gergely Szabó


Every C3 training programme is unique – and so are our intercultural trainers. That’s why we've asked some of our trainers 5 questions on their background and their work as C3 trainers. This time you'll meet our Hungary Country...Read more

Training in Global Virtual Collaboration and Distance Management

NEW: Training in Global Virtual Collaboration and Distance Management


Is virtual collaboration in global teams or project groups a part of your workday? Or do you manage employees with various cultural backgrounds from a distance?Then read here about our two new types of training that can...Read more

Peter Kryhlmand Fröhlich, Vice President, Business Support, DEIF A/S

5 Questions with Peter Kryhlmand Fröhlich, Vice President, Business Support, DEIF A/S


We've asked Peter Kryhlmand Fröhlich from DEIF A/S 5 questions on his experience with global communication and collaboration. Peter has worked with managing business support and key account organizations in globally oriented...Read more

C3 Consulting - Danish culture and global mindset workshop

How Can You Benefit from Cultural Training? Get Inspiration Here.


C3’s tailored intercultural training programmes help our clients solve a variety of business challenges. Check out a selection of the training programmes we've delivered over the past year.Read more

We're Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!


C3 Consulting was founded in 2006. What has changed since then? And what hasn't changed at all? Read on and find out here!Read more

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