Forside - Nyheder og viden - Podcast-interview om national kultur versus virksomhedskultur

National Culture vs Corporate Culture: How You Can Make Them Match and Why It's Important to Do It

If your company has subsidiaries around the globe, how do you make your corporate culture match the various national cultures at your local sites?

How can corporate culture and national culture be combined and influence each other?

What to do if there is a mismatch between your corporate culture & values and a specific national culture?

You'll find some answers to these questions in the podcast interview below, where business-storyteller and host at the Dusha podcast, Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy, talks to CEO and chief trainer at C3 Consulting, Annette Dahl.

If you prefer to see the podcast interview directly on YouTube, please click here.

Just in case you're too busy to listen to the full podcast interview, here are some time codes so you can jump directly to the part that interests you the most…

01:24: How to define corporate culture (incl. why it's important to look at the actual behavior!)

04:02: What to do if the cultural distance between two national cultures represented in a multinational organization is very high? Some steps to get started

07:30: Two extreme examples of what cultural intelligence isn't – and what to do instead

11:29: An example of bridging cultures in a Danish-Philippine project

14:45: Intro to the Double Iceberg Model and how to use it

17:56: Intro to the Triple E Model and how to use it

20:15: A real-life culture-based misunderstanding in a German multinational company

25:23: Exploring pro-activity as a company value in a Danish-Chinese management group

31:44: Two scenarios that can make an idealistic cultural trainer frustrated

38:10: A few final pieces of advice for making national and corporate cultures match

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