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10 Articles from 2017 that Can Strengthen Your Global Work

At C3 we really enjoy following along with what other global thinkers, researchers, bloggers and other good people write about the topics we’re excited about.

As a Christmas gift, we have chosen 10 of the year’s most inspiring, insightful, and useful articles that can strengthen your global work in various ways.

You can get input on how to handle awkward cross-cultural situations, how to understand your Danish boss, and how culture affects your brain – and much more.

Happy reading!

1) Weird, Rude, or Different?! Awkward Cross-Cultural Moments

Have you ever noticed that an international business partner has acted strangely? Or seemed impolite? Even rude? Global researcher and blogger David Livermore puts the spotlight on the awkward situations that frequently arise when you work across cultures – and offers suggestions about how you can handle this type of situation. The article is so useful that we’ve included it here even though it was published in late 2016.

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2) Understanding your Danish boss: Less like a general, more like a sports coach

Kay Xander Mellish was born and raised in the USA. She moved in the year 2000 to Denmark, where she has lived and worked since. At C3 we work with Kay on cultural training and really enjoy her sharp and entertaining analysis of Danish culture. This article will help you understand your Danish boss better. Read it if you are an international employee who works with Danes, or if you as a Dane would like to strengthen your cultural self-understanding.

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3) A Study of 1,100 Employees Found That Remote Workers Feel Shunned and Left Out

Distance working is a reality today for more and more people. It offers new possibilities, but also new challenges. This article presents the results of a new research project that shows that distance workers experience a lot more problems with their daily work than “on site” employees. The difficulties increase their stress levels and negatively affect productivity and retention. The researchers end with 7 good tips on how distance managers can create the best possible framework for geographically distributed employees.

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4) How Culture Wires Our Brains

Culture can affect many things: What we think, say and do. How we communicate and work together. How we hold meetings and create strategies. Just to mention a few examples. But did you know that culture can also affect the structure of your brain? If you didn’t, you should definitely read this article, which is an introduction to the fascinating field of research called “cultural neuroscience.”

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5) 7 Overlooked Biases That Creep into Your Work (And Undermine Its Success)

Let’s stay with the brain a bit longer. This article lists 7 unconscious biases that probably affect the way you make decisions. The unconscious biases can be understood as a kind of “shortcut” in the brain that makes it easier for the basically lazy brain to make decisions. You can’t get rid of your bias, but you can be more conscious of it so you make better decisions.

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6) Another Lens: A research tool for conscientious creatives

And since we’re talking about bias, here’s another entirely practical tool to strengthen your creative processes. The tool, designed by Airbnb Design in co-operation with the media company News Deeply, is called "Another Lens". It includes a list of questions that help you shift perspective and see a problem through various lenses, so you can create better solutions.

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7) Why you should keep a connection with your expat country

If you’re an expat, it can be harder to come home than it was to travel abroad. This idea isn’t new, but it’s still important. In this article, you can meet several former expats who share their experience being hit by “reverse culture shock” and get inspiration about how you can readapt successfully to everyday life in your home country after a stay abroad.

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8) You're in my space! How preferred interpersonal distance varies across the world

Does it make you uncomfortable if people stand too close to you when you speak together? How close can people come before you believe that your personal space is being invaded? In a new study, published in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, researchers asked almost 9000 people from 42 different countries about their preferred personal distance. This article sums up some of the conclusions, for example the connection between preferred personal space and culture, gender and age.

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9) The Mix That Matters

A lot has been written and said about how diversity in management is important. In a new study, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Technical University of Munich investigate whether diversity in management can pay off when it comes to innovation. The overall answer is YES. But that’s not true for all types of diversity. Read the article and find out which types of differences in industry background, country of origin, career path, gender, academic background, and age affect innovation.

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10) The Disadvantages of English as a Corporate Language

Many Danish-based companies that work globally have English as a corporate language. The advantages are clear; the disadvantages less so. But drawbacks do exist, and it’s important to be aware of them – both for companies that are considering choosing English as a corporate language and for those who have already made that decision. The article is based on a PhD thesis by Dorte Lønsmann about English as a corporate language in Danish companies.

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