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Need Global Inspiration for Your Next Conference or Business Event?

Do you want your next conference, strategy seminar, networking event, or business meeting to be full of Aha! moments and tools that you can use to navigate the global business environment? Then read on!

C3 Consulting's CEO and Chief Trainer, Annette Dahl, is being invited to present at an increasing number of conferences, network meetings, strategy seminars, and other corporate events.

Some of the most recent examples are:

  • UNYA (United Nations Youth Association of Denmark) Equality: Speech on 'Cultural Awareness vs. Stereotypes'
  • VL-group 71 in Shanghai: Global mindset session
  • Mid Jutland Internationalization Network: The value of cultural training for successful internationalization
  • Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai: Global mindset workshop on creating innovative meetings
  • Final Conference for the Interreg Project Pendlerbroen: Keynote speech about how to best communicate and collaborate across cultures
  • Executives’ Global Network (EGN): Global mindset presentations for network groups of project managers, purchasing managers, and sales managers
  • IBACC China Business Forum: Session on how to facilitate DK-CN meetings like a pro (see photos from the event here)

We are always pleased to be able to share feedback from our presentations. Network Director Jan Lindegaard had this to say about Annette's prior presentation at the Executives’ Global Network – Denmark:

'Thank you so much for once again giving an excellent speech. Not only is the topic very interesting, you do a really great job with it! Vivid, engaging, and involving. It's simply a pleasure.'

'Really inspiring', 'positively charismatic', and 'a communicator blessed by the gods' are some of the other words that have been used to describe Annette.

Would you like to learn more?

Are you seeking a global perspective for your next conference, strategy seminar, after-work meeting, networking event, train-the-trainer workshop, or other arrangement?

Maybe your company needs to…

  • improve cultural self-awareness?
  • kick-start a diversity and inclusion strategy?
  • gain some simple and effective tools for improving cross-cultural collaboration?

We can deliver anything from a 30-minute keynote speech to a two- to three-hour workshop, and we always tailor our content to fit your specific needs.Contact us to hear more!

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